Embattled Prince Harry’s ‘Tough Pill to Swallow’: 68K Sign a Petition to Block His ‘Pat Tillman Award for Service’ – He Misses His Old British Friends Who Dislike His ‘Difficult Wife’

Ten years ago, Prince Harry was the most well-liked British Royal – but that was before he married an ‘American Actress’, abandoned life as a working royal, moved away to California and started to air the dirty laundry of ‘the Firm’ in public, via books, podcasts and interviews.

Now he is under a bad PR siege that just won’t stop.

Royal experts say that, when lobbying for awards, Prince Harry should have known that bagging a military award in the US would cause a backlash.

Daily Mail reported:

“The Duke of Sussex is said to be ‘stunned’ by the anger over his Pat Tillman Award for Service – including from Mr Tillman’s own mother – but his astonishment shows he is now living in ‘different world’, one critic has claimed.

A petition urging ESPN to block Prince Harry from receiving the award has reached 68,000 signatures in just two weeks.”

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Harry’s biographer Tom Bower has said the hatred over handing him the award shows the increasing ‘antagonism’ in the US towards the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan.

“And veteran royal expert Phil Dampier said: ‘It’s ironic that the thing which really kept Prince Harry’s feet on the ground and in touch with reality was his military service. The fact he is stunned by that shows how remote and out of touch he has become’.”

Harry is due to be honored with the ‘Pat Tillman Award for Service’ for his Invictus Games work at the celebrity-filled ESPY Awards on July 11.

The awards show will be hosted by tennis champion Serena Williams – reportedly a close friend of Meghan Markle.

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“The Duke is reportedly ‘stunned’ by the backlash and a source claimed the fallout has been a ‘bitter pill to swallow’. But Pat’s mother Mary Tillman has said that she was never consulted and someone with less ‘privilege’ should have got it, with some claiming her intervention should force Harry to refuse it.”

All this is evidence of just how Harry and Meghan are losing the PR battle in the US, as they ‘desperately’ try to ‘relaunch their personal brand’ in America.

“‘Prince Harry inhabits a gilded bubble seemingly unaware about the deep antagonism he and his wife have created. It’s become normal for his staff to lobby for important awards to shore up his reputation’.”

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This comes after Harry – who served two tours of Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot – was recognized as a ‘Living Legend of Aviation’ at a star-studded ceremony in Beverly Hills, California, in January.

His joining likes of astronauts Buzz Aldrin and James Lovell in picking up the prestigious award, led Admiral Lord West, the former head of the Royal Navy, to brutally say: ‘He is not a living legend’.

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To worsen the situation, Prince Harry reportedly misses his home country and doesn’t see his friends anymore ‘because they don’t like his wife Meghan Markle’.

New York Post reported:

“’Harry is increasingly bored and looking back across the Atlantic where most of his army and school friends still live and whom he never sees because they won’t visit him in the States because they find Meghan difficult’, royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror on Saturday.”

Harry currently lives in California with his wife Meghan and their kids Archie and Lilibet.

Tom Quinn also claimed that Harry’s pals feel ‘betrayed’ because of the un-military way he wrote about his military service in his controversial memoir “Spare.”

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“Furthermore, Quinn said Harry’s friends ‘don’t like Meghan’ and blame her for transforming Harry into what they called ‘Harry the Hippy’.

‘The truth is that Harry has reinvented himself in a way that just doesn’t work for his family or for friends from the past when he was a very different character’, the royal expert added.”

Harry renounced his British residency and claimed America as his home in new paperwork. But he has reportedly been eyeing properties in his home country.

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