DISGUSTING: Neon Slime Water Spotted Spilling All Over in Miami Airport (VIDEO)

Travelers passing through the Miami International Airport on the Fourth of July were disgusted after seeing neon slime leak through the airport ceiling, resulting in a hallway filled with the mysterious green liquid.

Videos circulating on X show passengers filming the mysterious neon fluid pouring out of the Miami International Airport’s ceiling.

In a statement addressing the leak, officials shared that the neon liquid was not hazardous and stemmed from a leaking pipe in Concourse G.

Shortly after the leak occurred, custodians were forced to shut down the area to clean up the mess.


Per The New York Post:

Travelers going through the Miami International Airport on the Fourth of July were treated to a nasty surprise when a strange lime green fluid began leaking through the ceiling and flooding a hallway.

Airport officials said the leak, which was not hazardous, came from a pipe in the facility’s Concourse G at around 9 a.m. Thursday.

Images shared by MIA staff showed the hallway covered in the fluorescent liquid, with custodians closing off the area and working to clean up the mess.

“The valve feeding the pipe has been closed to stop the leaking, and cleanup efforts are now underway,” an airport spokesperson said in a statement.

Here’s the scene of the custodians cleaning up the big mess:


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