Democrats Fear That Even New York Could Be in Play For Trump: ‘This is a Battleground State Now’


Senior Democrats fear that even the deep blue state of New York could be in play during the 2024 presidential election.

According to Politico, Democratic bigwigs are alarmed by polling indicating that Trump may be able to flip the state where he spent most of his adult life and that recently conducted a sham show trial against him.

The report explains:

Elected officials, union leaders and political consultants are panicking over polls showing a steady erosion of Biden’s support in a state he won by 23 points four years ago.

They’re so worried they’ve been trying to convince the Biden team to pour resources into New York to shore up his campaign and boost Democrats running in a half-dozen swing districts that could determine control of the House.

Biden aides have not focused on New York, committing no significant resources to a state where they expect the president to easily win all 28 electoral college votes in November.

But the warning signs are impossible to ignore and have been building over the past year. Two private polls conducted in a swing New York House district and reviewed by POLITICO — one in September and another in March — found former President Donald Trump leading Biden there by 1 point, a virtual tie.

And public polls over the last four months found Biden’s lead had winnowed to just 8 points across New York — an unusually narrow gap in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1.

“We’re still acting like this is a one-party state, which for pretty much 20, 25 years it has been,” Democratic Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine said. “I truly believe we’re a battleground state now.

Despite traditionally being a deep blue territory, Republicans managed to flip an impressive four seats across the state during the 2022 midterms. One of those seats has since been won back by Democrats following the expulsion of Rep. George Santos from Congress.

Meanwhile, in the New York governor’s race, incumbent Kathy Hochul only scored a five point victory over Republican challenger Lee Zeldin, who won around 2.7 million votes.

While winning New York may still seem like a long shot, such reports underline the growing concern among the Democratic establishment over Donald Trump’s prospects of returning to the White House. Even if New York turns out to be a close race, then the likelihood is that he will be returning to the Oval Office next January.

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