Controversial Bolivian Socialist President Arce Accused of Staging ‘Self Coup’ To Boost His Popularity

Five days ago, Latin America was shaken by what can only be described as one of the most incompetent attempts at a ‘coup d’état’ in history.

A few units of the Bolivian army, led by supposedlt rebelling Generals, converged upon the Presidential palace in La Paz and rammed their way in with an armored car, with the stated goal of deposing the controversial Socialist goon Luis Arce – only to receive no support from other army formations, and retreat in shame after just a few hours.

Upon his arrest, the leader of the coup, General Commander of the Army Juan José Zúñiga, declared that all the fuss was actually a fake plot led by Arce himself, in an attempt to boost his popularity with the Bolivian people.

Most observers took Zúñiga’s words as a cheap cope after his failed coup, but in a shocking turn of events, former President of Bolivia, the equally socialist Evo Morales – who was one of the voices that rose against the ‘coup’ – has now accused his political ally-turned-rival President Luis Arce of staging last week’s military stunt to earn political points among the electorate.

New York Post reported:

“On Sunday, Morales joined others who believe Arce himself orchestrated a “self coup” to win the sympathy of Bolivians at a time when his popularity is extremely low.

Arce ‘disrespected the truth, deceived us, lied, not only to the Bolivian people but to the whole world’, Morales said in a local broadcast program on Sunday.”

While Morales has lately become a rival to Arce, the way in which he expressed his new perspective does extend credence to his claim – I mean, when was the last time we saw a socialist apologize? Morales wrote on X:

“Faced with this reality, I must apologize to the international community for the alarm generated and thank you for your solidarity with our country. It is important that a complete and independent investigation demonstrates the truth of this fact.”

According to Morales, Zuñiga told colleagues and family of his plan, and while in custody, he claimed that Arce had ‘betrayed’ him.

“’The president told me: ‘The situation is very screwed up, very critical. It is necessary to prepare something to raise my popularity’,’ Zúñiga quoted the Bolivian leader as saying.”

The opposition to Arce, a socialist strongman in the worst sense, who has kept several rivals – including an elected governor – as political prisoners, adopted this version of facts, calling it a ‘self-coup’.

“’At some point the truth will be known’, a handcuffed Gen. Juan José Zúñiga told reporters while being transferred to prison Saturday.”

Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo responded to former President Morales in an interview, saying ‘according to Evo, if there aren’t deaths, there is no coup d’état’.

Morales still wields a great deal of power in Bolivia, especially among coca growers and unions, while Arce has faced simmering discontent as the country reels from an economic crisis.”‘

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