A Confused Joe Biden Announces a “White House Summer on Extreme Heat” – Smears Millions of Americans as “Really Dumb” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday received an operational briefing and delivered remarks on extreme weather at the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency in DC.

Of course, Joe Biden was in a state of confusion as he shuffled in for his briefing.


Biden announced a “White House summer on extreme heat.”

“Later this summer my administration will convene the first-ever White House summer on extreme heat bringing together state, local, tribal and territorial leaders and international partners who are protecting communities and workers from extreme weather,” Biden said.

Translation: More Communism.


Biden also announced the “first-ever federal safety standard for excessive heat in the workplace.”


After stumbling through his remarks, Biden insulted millions of Americans who don’t believe in manmade climate change.

“Everyone who willfully denies the impacts of climate change is condemning the American people…they’re either really, really dumb or has some other motive,” Biden said.


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