Brian Kennedy on the 2024 Chinese Threat – “There’s 100% Chance That There’s Going to Be an Attempt to Steal the Election” (VIDEO)

Dave Brat and Brian Kennedy discuss the threat Communist China poses in the 2024 election – via the War Room

The biggest ‘tell’ in 2024 that Democrats plan on stealing the presidential election is Joe Biden.

Only a party confident in its vote-making apparatus would nominate such an unpopular, empty husk of a human being as its presidential candidate. They know it, and we know it.

After four years, the Republican Party has failed to eliminate or even confront the obvious Democrat Party voter fraud behemoth. It really is up to the MAGA voter to save the country in 2024.

On Tuesday, Brian Kennedy, the Chairman of the Committee on Present Danger: China, joined Dave Brat on The War Room. Kennedy warned the War Room audience that China is likely to assist Democrats in stealing the 2024 election away from President Donald Trump and American voters.

Brian Kennedy: When we’re here in the war room, this is not conservative entertainment. This is about fighting the political war America finds itself in today. One of the things that Steve wanted to do was to organize Conservatives, the MAGA movement, Republicans, to understand the war by Communist China against the United States. He and I and Frank Gaffney founded the Committee on the Present Danger back in February of 2019.

We have that song in the War Room, “Take Down the CCP.” I guarantee you there are millions of people in communist China figuring out today, how do you take down the United States. Unfortunately, we are ill-prepared to deal with that other than the people on the War Room and the MAGA movement more broadly, making sure we can make these arguments to the American people. I have this essay on the American mind,, over at the Claremont Institute, where I’m arguing today that the odds of having a free and fair election are very, very slim, partly because Communist China can engage in political warfare against us. I’m among those people who think the election was stolen in 2020. I think most of this audience does, too. Most Americans do.

But I worry that the Communist Chinese could spend much of their 16 billion annual budget on intelligence and influence operations in the United States to be able to steal the 2024 election. Someone very important called recently and asked me who was going to win this election, whether it was Trump and Joe Biden or Trump and someone else. And I said, there’s 100% chance that there’s going to be an attempt to steal the election. There is a 95% chance they’ll succeed. But I myself have my money on the 5% because of the American people, if they understand it can be stolen, will go to unprecedented lengths to make sure either it is not or that they vote in such extraordinary numbers that they’ll be able to outvote the steal.

And so even though I think we’re going to win, and I very much agree with Kevin Roberts, that we’re going to save this country and change it back to what it should be, the amount of work we have to do between now and November will be unprecedented, and no one in the War Room should have any illusion that is a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump is going to win.

The debate performance, his debate the other day was fabulous. President Biden was, as everyone saw, awful. That does not mean that Biden won’t be the nominee. Even in a very feeble position like he is in, That doesn’t mean that the election couldn’t be stolen. We saw it in 2020. We could see it again in 2024.

I speculate in this essay that we know Communist China has all sorts factories and warehouses around the country, warehouses, primarily. But in those warehouses, why couldn’t they produce a million ballots in each of the seven swing states? And all the seven swing states are going to allow mail-in ballots, and nothing has been done by the Republican Party from 2020 to today to make sure that that’s not the case.

Why couldn’t Communist China produce ballots, counterfeit ballots, essentially? We know they can counterfeit $100 bills. They can, North Korea can, because that’s money. Why couldn’t Communist China counterfeit ballots? They have access to the paper, they have printing presses, they have the voter rolls, they have the PDFs of the ballots, they have artificial intelligence that can reproduce signatures. They can make a perfect counterfeit ballot.

We’ve done nothing to stop that. And so unless we vote in November in historic numbers, persuade people not merely to watch the War Room, but to actually to go door to door and get people to go and vote. If that does not happen, Joe Biden or some Democrat will be the President again. So I’m very optimistic that we can win, but Only if we go to unprecedented lengths to make sure that our countrymen understand what is at stake.

We are going to have to pray to God for guidance and work like hell to win this election.

One way we can counter fraud is to expose and eliminate the millions of phony registrations cluttering our voter rolls.

MAJOR WARNING: If Republicans Want to Win in 2024 We Have Less than Two Months to Clean Bloated Voter Rolls — August 7th Is Cut-Off Date

We have one month to get this done.

MAJOR WARNING: If Republicans Want to Win in 2024 We Have Less than Two Months to Clean Bloated Voter Rolls — August 7th Is Cut-Off Date

It's time to take action.

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