THE BATTLE FOR CHASOV YAR: Russian Forces Take Control of Canal District, as Zelensky Blames Top General Syrsky for the String of Territorial Losses (VIDEOS)

While Russian Federation forces have lately had some rapid success in a myriad of places along the almost thousand-mile long frontline, when it comes to the battles for the main strongholds, the playbook has been pretty much the same.

It’s always a long and bloody process, during which the MSM will feed us lies and wishful thinking – and when it’s over, the same mockingbirds from the media will try to convince us that it was just another pyrrhic conquest of a meaningless pile of ruble.

For four months Russia has been inching forward in this important bastion in the Avdeevka area of the Donetsk Oblast.

Now, they’ve had their first major sucess by securing the Canal district on the left outskirts of the city.

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Watch: bird’s eye view of the Canal district.

Slavyangrad reported:

“The fighting for it had been going on for two months. The AFU command repeatedly, throwing reserves into the battle, counterattacked [Russian] attackers, and they again and again took these houses, moving step by step, both in the residential area and in its vicinity.

Yesterday, the last units of the AFU were knocked out of there, and in near-Ukrainian resources there was a ‘discussion’ that all this (holding these positions at any cost) was pointless and it was not worth it to hold the ruins of the zakanalya for so long at the cost of such losses.”

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Did it take too long? The high-rises in the district had to be ‘mopped’ one by one.

Watch: Russian paratrooper walks a plank between balconies on the top floor of a high-rise and opened fire on Ukrainian militants

Watch: Russian flag flies over the ruins of a building.

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Watch: Ukrainian fighter explains the situation in Chasov Yar – ‘even with a million we can’t hold it’.

Watch: Ukrainian fighters surrender by waving a ‘white banner’ at a drone.

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Commander-in-Chief Syrsky rumored to be about to take the fall.

Meanwhile, almost half a year has passed since Volodymyr Zelensky appointed new Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrsky, nicknamed  ‘The Butcher’ (of Ukrainian defenders).

Since then, they have lost dozens of towns and villages, and Russians conquered as much as 400 square kilometers just in the Donetsk region.

Corruption in the military has once again made headlines, as the $1 billion network of ‘built’ fortifications has been revealed to barely exist.

Russians adbance relentlessly.

Now, Russian are about to take Chasov Yar, key to Donetsk conquest, hailed by Zelensky as ‘an impenetrable fortress’.

So, now it’s reported by Ukrainian sources that Zelensky and his eminence grise Andrey Yermak plans to accuse Syrsky of failures and remove him.

Telegram channel Condottieros reported:

“The AFU commander-in-chief Syrsky is starting to have similar problems to his predecessor Zaluzhny. At Zelensky’s last summit, Syrsky responded to accusations about the failure of the northern (Kharkov) direction by accusing Yermak and Zelensky of slow mobilization and lack of arms and ammunition. After that, as they say, he was advised to ‘shut the fuck up, otherwise all the failures of the AFU would be blamed on him and the case would end in a tribunal.”

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