UPDATE: Condemned USA Founder Treniss Evans on His Lawsuit Against State of New York, Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan

Alvin Bragg, President Trump (Getty Images); Juan Merchan (Law)

Treniss Evans: A Crusader for Justice in the Face of Political Persecution 

Condemned USA founder Treniss Evans took a stand for justice by filing a lawsuit in federal court against the State of New York, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Judge Juan Merchan.

Evans, a steadfast advocate for constitutional rights, lodged his suit on May 10, just as the closing arguments were being made in the highly contentious Trump case.

This case, prosecuted by Michael Colangelo—who notably stepped down from his prominent position as the third-ranking official at the Department of Justice to spearhead this effort—has been widely criticized for its apparent political motivations. 

Evans’ decision to file his lawsuit Western District Evans v New York Pacer Stamped Word Conversion in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit underscores his commitment to challenging what he perceives as egregious violations of constitutional rights.

He contends that the actions taken by Bragg and Merchan represent a blatant abuse of power and lack of discretion driven by political bias rather than the pursuit of justice. By bringing this case to the federal level, Evans aims to highlight the urgent need for judicial accountability and to protect the fundamental principles of fairness and due process. 

In his lawsuit, Evans also claims that Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan knowingly deprived individuals of their constitutional rights, arguing that their actions warrant prosecution under U.S. Code Title 18, Section 242.  

This statute addresses the deprivation of rights under the color of law and carries severe penalties, including life imprisonment or death. By invoking this law, Evans underscores the gravity of the alleged misconduct and the critical need for accountability. 

Adding to the momentum, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has recently filed a case seeking similar action against Bragg and Merchan. However, while Bailey’s case is new, Evans has been diligently and tenaciously litigating his way through the courts, culminating in his latest filing which seeks a stay of the New York case pending the appeal.

This strategic move highlights Evans’ unwavering determination and legal acumen as he navigates the complexities of the judicial system to seek justice. Evans raises significant arguments the Attorney General did not raise.  

Evans and the team at Condemned USA have a proven track record of legal victories that bolster their credibility and expertise. They were the only party to correctly interpret the Norma Jean Anderson et al case in Colorado, with the Supreme Court’s ruling holistically agreeing with their position. 

Additionally, Condemned USA secured another amicus win in a significant immunity case, correctly arguing the distinction between actions taken as a president versus while president. 

In a recent unusual action, Evans spoke bluntly to the court about some of the issues he is pressing in his very well-thought-out brief. This move demonstrates Evans’ unwavering dedication to making his case heard and ensuring justice prevails. Letter to 5th Circuit in regard to Motion.  

“A loss is a victory,” stated Evans. He continued to explain that while some view the case as obtuse in its actions, Evans reminded us that Bragg and Colangelo’s actions were absurd, and the response is forced to deal with the ridiculous efforts these activists have used to weaponize the justice system yet again.

The only silver lining is yet another opportunity to expose judicial corruption and the lengths that the activists under the robes will go to destroy America. 

As Evans’ case moves forward in the Fifth Circuit, it serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of upholding constitutional rights and the rule of law.

Even in the face of significant personal and political challenges, his unwavering dedication to justice marks him as a key figure in the ongoing struggle to safeguard democratic principles.

This lawsuit is not just a personal battle for Evans; it is a stand for the integrity of the legal system and the preservation of fundamental freedoms for all Americans. Evans is pleading with the community to assist in funding ongoing efforts to save America. 

You can donate to our legal fund at GiveSendGo CondemnedUSA January 6th Legal Defense Fund.

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