American Severely Injured When Hezbollah Fires 20-rocket Barrage at Israel

Hezbollah’s strike last week came in retaliation over a deadly Israeli drone strike that killed senior officials in the terror group.
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On Saturday, Hezbollah terrorists fired a 20-rocket barrage at northern Israel, seriously wounding a US citizen.

The New York Post reports,

Two of the terror group’s anti-tank missiles hit a military post near the Zar’it community, where the subsequent explosion injured the 31-year-old American and an Israeli civilian, along with an Israel Defense Force soldier, according to the Israeli military.

No further details were given out about the American. The injured Israelis only suffering minor wounds.

The three victims were transported to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya for treatment, the Times of Israel reported.

The IDF said it was investigating why the American and Israeli civilians were at the army post at the time of the attack.

Hezbollah took responsibility for the strike, which primarily targeted northern communities near Safed and Lower Galilee, the IDF said.

While several of the rockets were intercepted by the Israeli air defense, others got through.

Israel’s air defense system was able to intercept several of the 20 rockets launched from Lebanon. X/@idfonline


One of the blasts left a 28-year-old man with serious injuries in Kfar Zeitim, with a rescue team rushing to provide first aid and evacuate him.

A number of fires also broke out in northern Israel as a result of the rocket barrage.

Hezbollah launched a second barrage hours later, prompting the Israeli Air Force to launch immediate retaliatory strikes that destroyed the terrorists’ firing sites.

Saturday’s strike comes as the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah continues to heat up, with the Iran-backed terror group launching more than 200 rockets against the Jewish state last week.

The massive missile barrage was in retaliation for an Israeli drone strike that killed Hezbollah senior commander Mohammad Naameh Nasser in southern Lebanon.

The intense skirmishes along the border have sparked fears that the war in Gaza could spread into Lebanon and threaten to throw the whole region in further chaos.

Since Hezbollah began attacking Israel on Oct. 8, at least 16 IDF soldiers and 11 Israeli civilians have been killed.

According to the Israeli military, IDF strikes in Lebanon have killed more than 450 people. In addition to civilian deaths, Hezbollah officials claim dozens more have been killed.

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