“Am I Speaking English to You?!” – Nasty Nancy Pelosi Snaps at ABC Reporter After Being Confronted on What She Said Regarding Joe Biden Running for Re-Election (VIDEO)

Credit: @rachelvscott

As the Gateway Pundit reported, eyeballs are on former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Democrats continue to debate whether Joe Biden should remain in the presidential race. A nasty confrontation today appears to show the pressure is getting to her.

Pelosi went on MSNBC this morning and refused to commit to backing Biden for President, instead telling the interviewers: “It’s up to the President to decide if he’s going to run. We’re all encouraging him to make that decision because time is running short.”

ABC reporter Rachel Scott politely attempted to speak with Pelosi about her remarks while walking down a Capitol Hill hallway and was treated incredibly rudely by the former Speaker.

Pelosi then snapped completely when Scott refused to give up and asked another pointed question about Biden’s future.


Scott: Will you convey to President Biden what you said this morning?

Pelosi: I’m not having this conversation with you or anyone else about what I talked about with all due respect.

Scott: Do you believe that him waiting so long to make this decision…

Pelosi: I’m not making any comments in the hallway about the fate of our nation.

Scott: Are you concerned whether or not he can win in November?

Pelosi: I think he can win November.

Scott: Do you think he should run for reelection?

Pelosi: Am I speaking English to you?! I’m not gonna be making any statements about any of that right now in the hallway.


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