“Ya’ll, Jill Biden is a Disgusting Evil Piece of Crap” — TikTok User Does Not Hold Back — Tells the World What She Thinks of Joe Biden’s LA Fundraiser (VIDEO)

Screenshot: @userpopcornandpajamas/TikTok

TikTok personality @userpopcornandpajamas has 113.9K followers and 1.5 million likes on the social media app.

On Sunday, she posted a video following Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s fundraiser in Los Angeles in front of a theater of supporters who paid top dollar to sit in an auditorium to hear Joe Biden ramble and freeze on stage.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama appeared on stage together for a fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday evening.

Biden reportedly raised $28 million from Hollywood elitists in Los Angeles.

Out-of-touch Hollywood actors and singers like George Clooney, Barbara Streisand, and Julia Roberts helped Biden raise money at the Peacock Theater.

The event ended with Barack Obama taking Joe Biden’s arm and taking him off stage. Their 40-minute appearance was too much for Old Joe, who was completely lost and did not know what to do.

PopcornandPajamas later released this video in response to Joe Biden’s latest public battle with dementia.

The tweet and transcript was posted via Wall Street Apes.

“Y’all Jill Biden is a disgusting evil piece of cr*p. Just my opinion though. Now Joe Biden was at a fundraiser with Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama. And they was on the stage and when they got ready to leave the stage of course Joe Biden was standing there like a deer in the headlights knowing what they’re doing. We used to that.

We used to him standing there like a deer in the headlights. But Barack Obama had to grab him and lead him off the stage. Y’all think I’m lying go and take a look at the go and take a look at the video.

Now we can’t forget when they was in Italy with the G7 leaders that he wandered off and the prime minister had to go and get them and bring them back over there where everybody was at. We not gonna forget when the Easter bunny had to get him

But the reason I said Jill Biden is a disgusting piece of crap is because she knows that her husband is sick. She knows that her husband is mentally there.

I’m not saying that he was always mentally there. I’m not saying that. But right now she know this man is not mentally there and she’s allowing these people to use him to keep whatever little power that she has, whatever little title she has as First Lady

She’s willing to let them use this man because that’s what the Democrat party is doing. The Democrat party is using Joe Biden because let me tell you something, if they cared about anything about Joe Biden, if they cared about this man or his health, they would even tell them, hey, Go home and rest. But instead of doing that, they’re willing to use this man and that’s what they’re doing. And this is why I think Joe Biden is a evil, disgusting, lowlife piece of trash. Just my opinion.

We all have them. I mean, come on. And we know this man have Alzheimer’s, uh, uh, dementia. And if y’all wanna know how I know, because my mother had first stage of Alzheimer’s before she passed, and these are the same things that she was doing. That’s how I know.

And if there’s any nurses or doctors out there, y’all know it too. Y’all know this man have first stage of dementia, if not further longer than first stage. But this democrat party is willing to use this man, use this man just to keep power. And y’all think the Democrat Party care about anything. The Democrat Party don’t care about nothing or no one, obviously, but to keep power

Nancy Pelosi about a 103. She’s still up there trying to keep power. Chuck Schumer need to be gone. — But right now, I’m talking about the president of the United States of America

This man is sick. And his wife, the woman who’s supposed to be protecting him, the woman who’s supposed to be looking out for him and have his best interest at heart is allowing these people to use him just to keep whatever little power and title that she have. And y’all think I and wanna know why I’m saying she’s a disgusting piece of cr*p

—Then you still have people out here talking about, well, Joe Biden, he’s the best president. He’s doing a good job. Doing a good job doing what?

Because he can’t find himself off the stage. So when is he doing a good job? And I guess when he able to find himself off the stage, will I help? Y’all think that’s a good job? I can’t take these people serious.

This is why I don’t take Biden supporters serious because these people are so filled with hate and anger against Trump that they’re willing to put their money and their best behind a man that can’t even find himself off stage. —This is disgusting. And y’all wanna tell me that Joe Biden on June 27th won’t get up there and have an hour and a half debate with Donald Trump.

Y’all know god damn where he gonna be on so many energy drinks. He gonna be so hyped on energy drinks. That come on now. Let’s not play like he ain’t gonna be hyped on energy drinks or something. But these people are disgusting and would do anything to keep power.

It is what it is.”

Here’s the video.

@userpopcornandpajamasYep I said it♬ original sound – PopcornandPajamas

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