White House Visitor Logs Reveal Maryland LGBTQ Leader Who Attempted To Meet With 14-Year-Old Decoy Reportedly Visited White House Three Times, Met With Biden Special Assistant

A Maryland LGBTQ leader who attempted to meet up with a 14-year-old decoy reportedly visited the Biden White House three times.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Alex Rosen, the founder of the Houston-based vigilante organization Predator Poachers, uploaded a new video exposing Maryland’s Democrat LGBTQ Diversity Council Chair attempting to meet up with a decoy he believed was 14 years old.

Rosen wrote on X, “We just busted the head of the LGBTQ Dems of Maryland going after a 14-year-old.”

According to Rosen, Michael Knaapen, chair of the Maryland Dem’s LGBTQ Diversity Council, attempted to meet up with a 14-year-old decoy after exchanging sexually inappropriate messages with the decoy, who told Knaapen he was 14.

In the full video released by Rosen, Knaapen confessed to sending pictures of his private parts to the 14-year-old decoy.

According to White House visitor logs, Michael Knaapen visited the Biden White House three times in 2023.

In one of those meetings, Knaapen had a special meeting with Special Assistant to Biden, Jessica Schubel.


Knaapen was invited to Vice President Kamala Harris’ house.

Here’s a clip of Rosen’s encounter with Knaapen:

Full Video:


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