By Wayne Allyn Root

It’s time to think B-I-G. Just electing President Trump is not enough.

Yes, it’s true if Democrats win in November, America is finished.

Here is a short list of what will happen…

Democrats will escalate the open border to the point another 50 million, or 100 million foreign invaders will be welcomed in. That’s the end of America. And the end of the GOP.

There will be no one standing in the way of the lawfare and weaponization of government. Patriots and critics of Democrats will be labeled as “domestic terrorists” and “dissidents.”

Green energy will bankrupt the middle class and put millions of small businesses out of business.

A new deadlier pandemic will lead to even harsher lockdowns, masks, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. And this time there will be no one to stand in the way.

Inflation will get much worse as the spending and debt explode under Democrats. Just welfare and free healthcare for tens of millions of illegal aliens alone will collapse the economy.

And let’s not forget World War 3. Democrats desperately want it. Only Trump can stop it.

That’s the short list of what will happen if Democrats win in November.

So, yes, we need to elect Trump, or America as we know it, is finished. But to be blunt, that’s not enough anymore. Just surviving and keeping the status quo is not enough. I don’t want to just survive, I want to thrive.

We need to make B-I-G changes, or Trump will postpone the death of America for four years, but then when we invariably elect another Democrat as president in the future, the decline will continue.

In poll after poll 70% to 80% of Americans disapprove of “the direction of America.” There is a national mandate for Trump to make big changes.

It’s time for President Trump to think B-I-G.

Here are the changes that will not only save America…and make America great again…but start us on the path of solving our problems permanently.

Apple Founder Steve Jobs always said, K.I.S.S.- “Keep it simple, stupid.” Here are the few simple solutions to “Make America Great Again.”

BIG Solution #1: Trump mentioned this idea yesterday in a private meeting with GOP Senators in D.C. Eliminate income taxes in America. The economy will explode. People will keep their own money. They will spend it. They will invest it. This will create millions of new jobs.

It works- Texas, Florida, Nevada and Tennessee are four of the fastest growing states and economies. They have no income tax. They rely on sales tax only- meaning they only tax spending. That’s why everyone is escaping from high-tax blue states like California, New York and Illinois to move to these states. On the federal level we can replace income taxes with either a national sales tax, or tariffs, or a combination of both.

The bonus is…if we eliminate income tax, we eliminate the IRS. Forget firing 86,000 new IRS agents. Let’s fire every IRS agent. Your money belongs to you. It’s none of the government’s damn business what you make.

BIG Solution #2: Secure the border. Build the wall twice as high. Build three walls. Turn the border with Mexico into a “Demilitarized Zone.” No one gets in ever again, without us knowing who they are.

Big Solution #3: After we build the big wall, deport them all. America cannot survive if the 20 or 30 million foreign invaders that Biden (and his boss Obama) just let in, get to stay. Our economy can’t survive their cost for welfare, food stamps, education, free healthcare and prison/police. They all have to go. And no, it’s not 10 million illegal aliens. Biden let in 20 to 30 million, counting “got-aways.”

Big Solution #4: End welfare we know it. After we deport all the illegal aliens, offer the supposed “jobs no American wants to take” to welfare recipients. Either they take those jobs, or they lose their welfare. If you don’t want to work, you forfeit your welfare. A simple way to end the welfare state.

Big Solution #5: “End the Fed.” Besides the IRS, this is the most damaging and dysfunctional institution in America. Their only responsibility since founding was to keep inflation low and the value of the dollar high. They’ve failed miserably for over 100 years. Who needs them?

Big Solution #6: Institute TERM LIMITS for Congress. Everyone serves two terms and then goes home. No one gets to stay in DC forever and gets filthy rich on the taxpayer’s dime ever again.

Big Solution #7: Follow the lead of Argentinian President Javier Milei by dramatically cutting the size of government and firing at least one third of government bureaucrats. No modern-day U.S. president has ever cut spending. President Trump should be the first. This is the only way to start cutting the national debt.

The bonus is by cutting government and firing bureaucrats, we are dismantling the Deep State.

Big Solution #8: Make American energy independent again by drilling, fracking and encouraging clean coal and nuclear. Declare the age of green energy officially over. This alone will kill inflation and save the great American middle class.

Big Solution #9: Get America out of the UN. The UN is a global version of The Fed. It has led to nothing but failure and wars. Every country in the UN hates America. It’s time to leave the UN, defund the UN and tell them to get off US soil.

Big Solution #10: Make “Voter ID” the law of the land for federal elections. Everyone must show government-issued photo and thumbprint, in order to vote. This is how we stop Democrats from rigging elections.

There’s a great start. I kept it simple. That’s my Top Ten. There is much more to do. But start with this list and President Trump will go down in history as the greatest president ever- who made America great again- permanently.

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