WATCH: Comedian Dave Smith Destroys Chris Cuomo After Ex-CNN Anchor Denies the COVID Lockdowns Were Totalitarian and Tells a Lie Regarding Joe Rogan and Ivermectin

Disgraced former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo’s attempt at revisionist history regarding the COVID pandemic blew up in his face after getting exposed for telling a big lie regarding Joe Rogan and Ivermectin while also denying the totalitarian policies of the pandemic.

Cuomo was a guest on investor Patrick Bet-David’s podcast on Friday to debate libertarian comedian Dave Smith on a variety of issues, including the COVID-19 vaccines and lockdowns. Things went south quickly for Cuomo when he haughtily cited his experience to claim the lockdowns were not totalitarian.

He was promptly filleted by Smith, who gave the brutal truth and an ordinary American’s account of the lockdown tyranny.


CUOMO: I hear your understanding of the pandemic, and I don’t agree. I lived it closer than you in many ways…and there were many mistakes made. The idea that it was a totalitarian regime that’s hyperbole.

SMITH: Uh, can I respond to that? There was a lot there.

CUOMO: Sure. I didn’t mean to flood the zone. Take it one by one.

SMITH: First of all, when I describe the lockdowns that swept this nation as totalitarian, just to be clear, I’m not being hyperbolic!

When you’re waking up every morning to watch your TV to find out from your governor what you’re allowed to do today, including am I allowed to go to work, am I allowed to have a funeral for my father…there is one word and one word only for that, and that is totalitarianism.

But the worst was yet to come for Cuomo. During the height of lockdowns while his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew, was essentially murdering nursing home residents by forcing them to share space with COVID-infected patients, Cuomo and his CNN cronies were laughing at Americans for daring to question the accepted narrative on the pandemic.

This included mocking individuals such as Joe Rogan for claiming that Ivermectin (which Cuomo now takes) could effectively treat COVID. However, during the debate, Cuomo lied, claiming he did not like how the media treated Rogan.

Smith did not forget and proceeded to completely humiliate him with help from an old clip showing Don Lemon and Cuomo taunting Rogan for taking “horse dewormer” medicine.

CUOMO: Obviously, there was so much talk about how they don’t want you to take Ivermectin…Joe Rogan got better from Ivermectin. By the way, I don’t like what people did to Joe Rogan about Ivermectin…

SMITH: You did!

CUOMO: No, I didn’t.

SMITH: Yes, you did! Find the clips! You said Joe Rogan was taking horse dewormer. You and Don Lemon were chuckling at each other about it.

CUOMO: I’m not chuckling. I’m listening to Don.

SMITH: What I’m talking about wasn’t on there. (To producers) Do we have it?

(video plays showing Lemon and Cuomo mocking Rogan for taking Ivermectin)

SMITH (to Cuomo): You can’t apologize for that? You know that it was there. You are being so dishonest right now.

You were talking about Ivermectin, the drug. You were not talking about this version of Ivermectin.

CUOMO: I was responding to a situation where we were being told that this was what people were searching out to take, and nobody knew what it was going to do.

(audience jeers)

CUOMO: Look, I’m taking the drug right now. Obviously, I don’t think it is all poison… I stopped calling it (ivermectin) the horse dewormer when CNN’s Chief Medical Officer Sanjay Gupta said to me, “You shouldn’t call it just a horse dewormer drug.”

SMITH: By the way, I don’t know if you guys saw this, but one of the best moments during the pandemic was when Dr. Gupta went on Joe Rogan’s podcast. For all the days of CNN demonizing Joe Rogan, they send their top doctor on to his show.

And he (Rogan) goes, “Why is everyone on your network saying I’m taking horse dewormer? Ivermectin is not.” And Dr. Gupta looked down at his lap and went, “Yeah, they shouldn’t be saying that.”

Watch the entire debate below:


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