The View’s Sunny Hostin Insults Black Republicans- ‘Like Looking at Unicorns’ (Video)

The View’s Sunny Hostin

The View’s Sunny Hostin had her very own ‘You ain’t Black?’ Joe Biden moment on Friday’s show when she insulted conservative Black voters and mocked the idea that Black Republican voters even exist.

Her remarks came as the bitter, sullen ladies of The View discussed recent comments from Florida Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL), who said that Black families were “together” and voted more conservatively during the Jim Crowe era.

Donalds made the comments during an address to a group of Black conservatives.

Hostin then leveled her insults saying, “These Black men that he was speaking with, I’d love to see them. It would be like looking at unicorns.”

Hostin also accused Donalds, who is considered to be in the running for the number two spot on the Republican ticket, of “pandering to Donald Trump.”

“I thought it was interesting that the framing was a room of Black Republicans,” Hostin said.

She then held her hands to her eyes as she strained to scan the audience and said, “Where are they? Where are they? Because if you look at the stats, 77% – 81%, I’m sorry, of Black men are part of the Democratic Party.”

“Black voters consistently align with the Democratic Party,” Hostin added. “Over 95% of [Black] women are part of the Democratic Party.”

Recent polling suggests Hostin’s narrow and perhaps wishful views are unfounded.

The Gateway Pundit reported that David Hilliard, one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party, went live on TikTok recently to share his support for President Donald Trump.

A Rasmussen Reports poll from last week revealed initial results of a recent poll (yet to be published) showing President Trump leading Joe Biden among Black voters.

Pollster Frank Luntz recently warned CNN about the movement of minority voters to President Trump.

CNN data analyst Harry Enten seemed stunned by the news, “My goodness gracious,” he said as he reacted to the polling average, which showed Trump’s support among Black voters more than doubled to 22% compared to 2020.


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