UPDATE: Maryland’s Democrat LGBTQ Diversity Council Scrubs Page of Chair Who Attempted to Meet With 14-Year-Old Decoy, Full Video Released

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Alex Rosen, the founder of the Houston-based vigilante organization Predator Poachers, uploaded a snippet of a new video exposing Maryland’s Democrat LGBTQ Diversity Council Chair for attempting to meet up with a man he believed was 14 years old.

Rosen wrote on X, “We just busted the head of the LGBTQ Dems of Maryland going after a 14-year-old.”

According to Rosen, Michael Knaapen, chair of the Maryland Dem’s LGBTQ Diversity Council, attempted to meet up with a 14-year-old decoy after exchanging sexually inappropriate messages with the decoy, who told Knaapen he was 14.

Rosen has since released the full video, and in it, Knaapen confessed to sending pictures of his private parts to the 14-year-old decoy.

Knaapen stated that he sent a video of himself masturbating to the 14-year-old decoy because it was “interesting that a younger person was interested in me.”

At one point during the conversation, Knaapen, clearly frustrated, asked, “Is there something you want from me, money or something?”.

Rosen responded, “No.”

Later in the conversation, Rosen read messages that Knaapen sent the 14-year-old decoy, which read, “I want to rape you.”

The decoy also confronted Knaapen and shared that Knaapen extended an invitation to meet up several times.

Rosen has since released his full encounter with Knaapen.


In response to the video going viral, Maryland’s Democrat LGBTQ Diversity Council has scrubbed all mentions of Knaapen on their site.

Look at the site before:


An account called @HIVHep also deleted their post of Michael Knaapen pictured with Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock.



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