UK Elections: Conservative PM Rishi Sunak Is Trashed for Leaving D-Day Celebrations Early, While Brexit Champion, Reform Party’s Nigel Farage Wins 7-Way TV Debate

The UK snap General Elections, set for the 4th of July, have so far turned into a continuous debacle for the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

After the Premier’s blunder on D-Day, in which he left the celebration early to return to London to record an interview has turned into a major controversy, many news sites are saying that Sunak’s chances are over.

The Guardian brings a collection of headlines that illustrate this. The leftist paper itself leads with ‘Furious Tories turn on Sunak over D-day snub’, reporting that the prime minister has ‘provoked fury’.

The Express talks about the prime ministers’ apology with the headline ‘Truly Sorry!’, while The Mirror declares that ‘Sunak’s D-Day shame’ means that ‘It’s over’ for him.

Scotland’s Daily Record makes a pun with ‘war hero’ and calls Sunak ‘War Zero’ as its headline.

The FT Weekend says ‘Sunak accused of handing ‘gift’ to [Nigel Farage’s] Reform party by skipping D-Day event’.

And in the Daily Star, the headline is ‘Stupid Boy’, with a mock-up of Sunak in a scene from the old sitcom ‘Dad’s Army’.

Meanwhile, Reform UK’s Nigel Farage was declared the winner of the BBC’s seven-party debate on Friday night, according to a viewer poll.

The line-up featured a member from the ruling Conservative Party, as well as representatives from Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP, Welsh Nationalist Plaid Cymru, Green Party and Reform’s Farage.

Bloomberg reported:

“The poll, conducted by researchers More In Common, asked more than 1,000 viewers who won the debate with 25% of those surveyed opting for Mr Farage. Among those who voted Conservative in 2019, 47% placed the Reform leader at the top of the pile.”

14% said there was no winner, and just 7% of the surveyed said Conservatives were the winner of the debate.

“Mr. Farage focused on immigration and crime throughout the debate, at one point claiming he was “on a platform tonight with six other people whose parties have been wholly unconcerned” with immigration.”

Farage said that he wanted to inject ‘some logic’ into the discussion.

“The Reform UK leader said later in the debate ‘you can go shoplifting now, any of you’, advocating for more stop and search powers while answering a question about crime allegedly rising in England and Wales by 8% since 2019.

‘You can go out and nick up to 200 quid’s worth without being prosecuted’, he said. ‘We are seeing a decline, a societal decline of law and order in this country and, frankly, government and the police forces are being too scared of what needs to be done’.”

In his closing statement, Farage urged voters to join his ‘revolt’ against the establishment.

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