Trump Calls for Biden to be Drug Tested Ahead of Debate, Says He Will Also ‘Immediately Agree to One’

Former President Donald Trump has called on Joe Biden to take a drug test before Thursday’s CNN debate.

Trump said that he would immediately agree to take one as well.

In a post to Truth Social, Trump wrote:


While speaking at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, last Tuesday, Trump implied that he believes Biden might take cocaine before the debate.

“Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue. Now we’re gonna watch– is anybody gonna watch the debate? He’s gonna be so pumped up, he’s gonna be pumped up. You know all that stuff that was missing about a month ago from the White House? What happened?” Trump said.

Trump appeared to get off track a bit, beginning to discuss Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” before going back to the drugs.

“Who left it? Somebody left it. I wonder, let’s see. Somebody left the laptop in an office of a gentleman who was supposed to fix the laptop from hell,” Trump said. “He never picked it up, and somebody didn’t pick up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. I wonder who that could’ve been.”

“I don’t know—actually, I think it was Joe. Ha-ha,” Trump told the crowd.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released at the end of May, a 72 percent majority of likely voters said it is “likely” that they will watch the first presidential debate.

“Get out the popcorn, pull up a chair, it is must see TV and if the past is any indication, the gloves will likely come off early and often,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

The second debate will be hosted by ABC News in September. The network has not yet announced moderators for that debate.


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