Tom Cotton on the Trump Verdict: If New York Was A Foreign Country, America Would Sanction Them For Targeting Political Opponents (VIDEO)

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas appeared on Meet the Press this weekend and addressed the subject of the Trump guilty verdict in New York by systematically pointing out everything that was wrong with the trial and the outcome.

Meet the Press host Peter Alexander debated him every step of the way, as if he was arguing with a political opponent, because that’s the way the media works for Republicans, but Cotton held his own.

Cotton pointed out that if this had happened in a foreign country, the United States would sanction them.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

PETER ALEXANDER, NBC NEWS: Let me go back, Senator, to my initial question, which is if it’s so objectionable for the justice system, as you say, to be weaponized by Joe Biden against Donald Trump, why is it appropriate for Donald Trump to campaign on weaponizing it against Joe Biden?

SENATOR TOM COTTON: Donald Trump has said that his so-called retribution will be success, success at the ballot box and then restoring peace and prosperity.

PETER ALEXANDER: Well, he also said “An eye for an eye” – so he hasn’t said it sincerely.

SENATOR TOM COTTON: In 2016 when so many people insisted that Hillary Clinton should face criminal charges for doing exactly what Donald Trump was wrongly accused of doing, which is mischaracterizing legal expenses as something else, remember she paid for the dirty Russian dossier that characterizes legal expenses. She paid a fine to the FEC. Donald Trump specifically said he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton because that’s not what we do in America. What the Democrats have done in New York is like something that would happen in Pakistan or Brazil. It’s something that America would sanction another country for for engaging in election interference.

PETER ALEXANDER: Sir, he campaigned on locking up Hillary Clinton… then after said he wouldn’t do it?

SENATOR TOM COTTON: And he said after the election that that’s not what we do in America. If New York was a foreign –

PETER ALEXANDER: I guess let’s get back to the question about –

SENATOR TOM COTTON: No, Peter, if New York was a foreign country, America would sanction them for the weaponization of the legal system, their political opponents, and rigging election outcomes.

The part quoted above starts at the five minute mark but the whole video is worth watching:

Notice how Cotton has to fight his way through that entire interview. When was the last time you saw the media treat a Democrat with such hostility?

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