SPACEY TALKS EPSTEIN: Embattled Actor Addresses His Africa Trip With Clinton, Maxwell, and ‘Young Girls’ Aboard the ‘Lolita Express’

In the interview he gave to British host Piers Morgan, disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has tried to – as he sees it – set the record straight in multiple issues in his life that have attracted huge media interest = and generated a great deal of public outrage – over the years.

One of the most controversial subjects was perhaps his 2002 Clinton Foundation tour of Africa. In this series of trips, Spacey was joined by Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and – as he candidly admits – ‘young girls’.

While I always give people the benefit of the doubt, I found his explanations not to be entirely convincing, so I’ll present it with just a few pertinent comments of mine between brackets.

This is what he said on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Kevin Spacey: “I started seeing reports online, things on my Twitter account that I had flown to this guy Jeffrey Epstein’s island, and I had abused young girls. 

I mean, if you’d asked me in 2015, maybe even if you’d asked me in 2002 – ‘did I know a guy named Jeffrey Epstein?’ I probably would have said no. 

Well, of course, I have since learned who he is, and I have since been able to go back and find out that the airplane that we flew on for this humanitarian mission was owned by Jeffrey Epstein, and to then learn, oh, he was actually on some of those flights, and this Maxwell woman was on some of those flights.

I didn’t know him. I’ve never spent any time with him. I was with the Clinton Foundation people. That’s who I was with.”

The usual suspects: Spacey with Andrew, Clinton, Maxwell and Weinstein.

[On this point, as Spacey tries to make it seem like the Clinton Foundation people and the Epstein crowd didn’t mix, it bears mentioning that both Epstein and Maxwell, in court documents, have stated that they were part of the team that envisioned and implemented the CF – and neither was contradicted by the Foundation.]

Kevin Spacey: “Now, what I understand is that he didn’t start to be investigated until 2005 by authorities in Florida. So here’s what I can tell you.

This Maxwell woman, she was one of many people that sat down next to me in that throne room.  I have no relationship with her. I had no relationship with him.”

[In this case, Spacey’s account is corroborated by Prince Andrew’s, as the Duke of York said that the then-movie star was the guest at the throne, and Maxwell was kind of crashing the event.

Andrew seems to have little regard for the truth, but that also matches the way Maxwell apparently inserted herself on an Elon Musk picture at a party.]

Kevin Spacey: “I mean, he’s not my friend. I’m not a confidant. I’ve never spent time with him.

[…] Do you know who I never asked for anything? It was Jeffrey Epstein. I didn’t want to be around this guy, because I felt he put the president at risk on that trip to South Africa, because there were these young girls. And we were like, who is this guy? So I will say this.

There were young girls on those flights. There were young girls on those flights, yeah.”

[At this point Spacey is making us remind the readers of this picture: look how uncomfortable Bill was!]

Poor Clinton, right? He was in danger around Epstein, according to Spacey.


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