RFK Jr. Leaves Dr. Phil Stunned As He Explains Huge Kickbacks Fauci and NIH Have Earned From Moderna Vaccines (VIDEO)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. left Dr. Phil McGraw stunned by the amount of kickbacks Dr. Anthony Fauci and other high-level deputies at the National Institute for Health received from Moderna and other major pharmaceuticals.

Kennedy, who is running as an independent presidential candidate, explained the situation during an in-depth interview with Dr. Phil, who recently interviewed Donald Trump in similar circumstances.

As long reported by The Gateway Pundit, the pharmaceutical industry has pocketed many billions of dollars off their dodgy COVID “vaccines,” and some of that money is going toward health officials such as Anthony Fauci.

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

DR. PHIL: The government regulators have been bought off by Big Pharma. I think that is what you are saying when you say that this entanglement has occurred. You say agency employees are actually getting royalties, getting payments on vaccines and drugs that they approve. Is that true?

KENNEDY: Yes, there is a couple of things happening with FDA. About 50 percent of the FDA’s budget comes from regulated industries, mainly the pharmaceutical industry. So you have agency capture on steroids. The principal objective of FDA today is to serve the mercantile interests of pharmaceutical companies. For example, the Moderna vaccine, NIH owns half of that vaccine, 50 percent. So the billions of dollars that vaccines makes, half of that goes to NIH the agency, but there is also individuals at least four, maybe six, who work for NIH who are high-level deputies under Anthony Fauci who get to collect 150,000 dollars a year forever, not just for their life but their children, as long as that mRNA technology is on the market and they’re going to be making money. That is a conflict.

DR. PHIL: Hang on a minute now, I don’t want to blow by this too fast. So the National Institute for Health is getting a kick, a bribe, a royalty, a share, whatever you want to call it, is this not a clear conflict of interest? That is what you are pointing out, right?

KENNEDY: Yes, it is. People are shocked.

DR. PHIL: Why are you the only one talking about this?

KENNEDY: If you talk about this kind of thing, you get censored on YouTube. You will not be allowed on the mainstream media to talk about these issues. It used to be that you could, but nowadays, you cannot.

Watch the video below:

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