Reuters Attacks The Gateway Pundit After Scouring Our Website and Finding TWO ‘Violent’ Comments Out of the 30,000 Total in One Day

The Gateway Pundit and Reuters

The fake news targeted conservative pro-Trump websites on Thursday night following the unprecedented conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felonies that have yet to be defined by a far-left jury in a far-left jurisdiction by a crooked Trump-hating judge.

The far-left legacy media was looking to target conservatives for angry comments and threats following this unprecedented abuse of the US justice system.

Reuters published a piece targeting Truth Social, Patriots.Win and The Gateway Pundit for “calls for riots, revolution and violent retribution.”

Reuters spent several hours scouring comments on The Gateway Pundit to find two comments that fit their narrative.

We know they spent several hours scanning comments because The Gateway Pundit website had 3.2 million page visits and over 30,000 comments on Thursday.

That comes out to 2 violent comments in 30,000 comments or 0.0067%. Both of these comments highlighted in their article have been removed.

The Gateway Pundit removes violent, threatening, anti-Semitic, and racist comments on a daily basis. We obviously do a stellar job. But we are not yet 100% successful. We are 99.993% successful. Please forgive us!

The legacy media, which has yet to explain this lawfare suit against President Trump effectively, now wants you to shut up and keep taking the abuse.

The Gateway Pundit never calls on our community to commit violent crimes.

However, we do urge our readers to speak out and fight back against the Marxist minority that is determined to destroy this great nation and steal your God-given rights.

We salute those who resist their tyranny—and who resist with fierceness.

Don’t let their evil win. And don’t buy into their shame.”

Reuters reported:

Supporters of former President Donald Trump, enraged by his conviction on 34 felony counts by a New York jury, flooded pro-Trump websites with calls for riots, revolution and violent retribution.

After Trump became the first U.S. president to be convicted of a crime, his supporters responded with dozens of violent online posts, according to a Reuters review of comments on three Trump-aligned websites: the former president’s own Truth Social platform, Patriots.Win and the Gateway Pundit…


On Gateway Pundit, one poster suggested shooting liberals after the verdict. “Time to start capping some leftys,” said the post. “This cannot be fixed by voting.”


…All three sites have policies against violent language, and some of the posts were later removed. Representatives of Patriots.Win and Gateway Pundit did not immediately return requests for comment. A Trump spokesperson also did not respond to an email seeking comment.


Other posts specifically urged targeting Democrats, in some cases suggesting they be shot. “AMERICA FULLY DESTROYED BY DEMOCRATS. LOCK AND LOAD,” wrote a commentator on Gateway Pundit.

This is not an isolated case. Following the unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago, the FBI feared retribution from the American public for their ongoing partisan attacks on President Trump.

Chris Wray put the FBI on high alert after scouring Gateway Pundit and flagging one comment out of 35,000 daily comments following the Mar-a-Lago raid.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Wray Put FBI on High Alert After Scouring Gateway Pundit and Flagging 1 Comment Out of 35,000 Daily Comments Following Mar-a-Lago Raid

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