Republican Georgia Prosecutor Indicted on 24 Felony Counts For Stealing $4,200 in Public Funds – Including $17.35 For Purchase at Dollar Tree

What about Fani Willis?

A Republican Georgia prosecutor was indicted by a grand jury on charges of theft and making false statements for stealing $4,200 in public funds.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced Monday that Hall County Solicitor General Stephanie Woodard was indicted on 24 felony counts – 11 counts of Theft by Taking and 13 counts of False Statements after an investigation into her spending.

According to the indictment reviewed by The Gateway Pundit, Woodard was charged with one count of false statements for using $54.06 in public funds to purchase a pillow and pillow case from Target.

One count of false statements was related to a $190 reimbursement for a dog cremation. Another felony count was related to a reimbursement request for $17.35 for a purchase at a Dollar Tree in North Carolina for office supplies. Woodard was charged for the Dollar Tree expense because the purchase was made outside of Georgia.

The indictment included the following allegations per the Georgia Attorney General:

  • In June 2022, the defendant made a false statement that a receipt from the restaurant First Watch was an expense for abuse awareness and then took funds from Hall County.
  • In August 2022, the defendant used her Hall County P-Card to make a purchase related to Law School Admissions. The defendant then made false statements and writings that the registration and receipt from the Law School Admissions Council were for a victim in a local youth program.
  • In July 2021, the defendant made a false statement that a reimbursement request was for a dog cremation for an old magistrate court case and then took funds from Hall County.
  • In June 2022, the defendant used her Hall County P-Card to pay for “Testing Services.” In July 2022, the defendant made a false statement that the registration was for a different prep course and an individual other than the person for whom she actually paid to take the course.
  • In September 2022, the defendant used her Hall County P-Card to make a purchase at Target. The defendant then made a false writing that a pillow and pillow case were for a victim.
  • In August 2021 and August 2022, in a Travel Expense Request Form submitted to Hall County, the defendant willfully concealed that she had previously requested a reimbursement from PAC for the same expenses. In both instances, the defendant took funds from Hall County.
  • In July 2018, the defendant submitted to PAC a Continuing Legal Education Affidavit and Request for Credit, which falsely stated that she attended every initialed session in its entirety.

Stephanie Woodard said she was viciously pursued by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) for years and claimed it was an oversight. She paid back $2,000 of the $4,200 in stolen public funds.

Woodard’s attorneys pushed back against the allegations in a statement to Fox 5 Atlanta:

“The decision by the Attorney General’s Office to institute charges against her in this absurd indictment is unfathomable and a waste of court time and taxpayer dollars. She absolutely committed no crime, but yet she has been viciously pursued by the GBI for years. They have harassed her family, including her children, during which time the agents were aware of ongoing severe health issues that they were facing.”

Meanwhile, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been accused of misusing $2.5 million on flawed projects. Several legislative committees are now investigating Fani Willis for misuse of funds.

Additionally, Fani Willis hired her married boyfriend Nathan Wade to be the top prosecutor to take out President Trump. Willis “financially benefited” from a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade.

Fani Willis’ lover Nathan Wade took the stand and testified under oath that he paid for all the vacations he took with Fani Willis with his business card – and Fani Willis reimbursed him in CASH for expenses.

Fani Willis completely bombs out on witness stand. Worst testimony ever.

Stephanie Woodard was indicted for a $17.35 Dollar Tree purchase and Fani Willis is still a free woman.

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