Reporter Asks Residents of Wilmington, Delaware About Hunter Biden Trial – Gets Priceless Reactions (VIDEO)

Mia Cathell is an investigative reporter for Townhall. After Hunter Biden was found guilty this week, Cathell walked around Wilmington, Delaware and asked residents what they thought about the verdict.

Some people were shocked that he was found guilty, others claimed that they knew for sure that Hunter was a crackhead. One thing they all seemed to agree on is that if it was them, they would be in jail right now.

This is the sort of reporting that the mainstream media used to do.

From Townhall:

Many of the Wilmingtonians we talked to were floored to hear that the president’s son wasn’t acquitted on all charges, given who his famous father is and that the trial practically took place in Biden’s backyard.

“It’s Bidenworld out here,” one woman, who works for the local government, told Townhall. “I have a lot of thoughts,” the state employee said, but declined to appear on video for fear of retaliation…

Hunter’s drug addiction, which his defense team disputed at trial, is public knowledge around town, according to those native to Biden’s home turf.

“He’s definitely a crackhead,” a lifelong local, who “grew up with” the First Family, said of Hunter Biden. “I’ve lived here for 30 years. Total crackhead.”…

“Of course, he is guilty,” a woman waiting for a bus at Rodney Square, the city’s center, said matter-of-factly. “He was over West Side buying crack. He got the gun, lied on the thing.”

“Yeah, he’s guilty!” a bystander piled on, adding: “This should have happened a really, really long time ago.”…

“If it was me doing it [lying on a federal firearms form] and I got the [three] felonies, I’d be right behind the bars right now. I wouldn’t even be speaking to you. And that’s what should have happened to him,” she said.

Watch the video below:

The double standard these people talk about in the video could be a big part of Biden’s undoing. Despite the best efforts of Democrats and the media, average folks know what’s really going on here.

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