Prince William Warned His Brother Against Relationship With ‘An American Actress,’ After Harry Said That His Late Mother, Princess Diana, ‘Helped Him Find Love With Megan’

Heir to the British throne, Prince William warned his brother Prince Harry against rushing into a relationship with Megan Markle, affronting him, in a move that anticipated the falling out inside the Royal Family.

The warning came as the younger Windsor Harry said that he felt that his late mother Princess Diana helped him find love with Megan.

And apparently the greatest William concern about Megan was not that her partly African ethnicity, but rather that she was ‘an American actress’.

Less than a hundred years ago, in December 1936, a constitutional crisis hit the British Empire after King Edward VIII proposed to marry Wallis Simpson – an American socialite who was divorced from her first husband and was in the process of divorcing her second.

So the British Royals do not hold American wives as good news.

At this point, a famed royal expert thinks Prince William had perfect instinct with his concerns.

In an interview on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond said that Harry and Meghan moved too fast in their romance, unlike William and Kate Middleton.

New York Post reported:

“’Kate was given ten years to peer into the goldfish bowl of royal life’, said Bond. ‘I think it was brilliant she saw all the restrictions and glare of publicity it brings. Because their courtship was so long, she was able to judge that she could hack it – and William could see that too’.

‘This is why William was correct to guide or warn Harry ‘Are you sure you’re not going a bit fast in this relationship with Meghan?’’ Bond added.”

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Harry and Meghan started dating in 2016, got engaged the following year and married at Windsor Castle in May 2018, while William and Kate dated for eight years before getting married in 2011.

In his train-wreck memoir ‘Spare’, Harry tell of being cautioned about dating Meghan, working in Hollywood on the hit show ‘Suits’.

“’She’s an American actress, after all, Harold. Anything might happen’, William allegedly told Harry.

Harry also claimed in his book that he told William he believed their late mother, Princess Diana, helped him ‘find’ Meghan. William ‘took a step back’, Harry claimed, and told his sibling that he was ‘taking things a bit too far’.”

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And the future king was right in his worries: a mere two years after Harry and Meghan’s wedding, they stepped away as working members of the British royals and moved to the U.S.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been distant from the royal family ever since they launched a series of full-scale attacks on the Palace in their bombshell television interview with Oprah Winfrey, their six-part Netflix documentary, and Harry’s memoir.”

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