President Trump Speaks at Community Roundtable Discussion in Detroit, MI: “Joe Biden Has Done Nothing for You, Except talk, It’s Only Talk, It’s all Talk” (VIDEO)

President Trump was in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday for a roundtable discussion about the issues facing Black Americans under the Biden regime.

He was introduced by Republican Rep Byron Donalds.


President Trump told the crowd that Black Americans under his administration experienced low unemployment and low poverty rates. He also told the crowd that Joe Biden has not helped anyone and was “all talk.”

“Joe Biden has done nothing for you except talk, it’s only talk, it’s all talk,” Trump said.

“But we achieved the lowest African American unemployment rate and the lowest African American poverty rate ever recorded, ever, ever recorded during my four years. We lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty,” Trump continued.


President Trump also discussed how the open border is affecting everyday Americans, including the Black and Latino communities.

“Millions of Illegal aliens are pouring in and they’re taking your jobs. The Black community is being hurt more by the illegal aliens 16, 17 million. They are taking your jobs, you are down 6, 7 percent from where you were 3 years ago with me,” Trump said.

“They are affecting the African Americans and then after that, the Hispanic Americans more than any other group. And they are also affecting unions because unions are starting to lose their grip because of it, they’ve never seen it. We are being inundated,” Trump continued.


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