Pollster Frank Luntz’s Debate Focus Group Comprised of Independents Delivers More Bad News to Biden Campaign Following Debate-12 Out of 14 Swing to Trump

Pollster Frank Luntz led a focus group of independents. 12 of 14 swung to Trump following Biden’s disastrous performance./Image: Video screenshot

Thursday’s Presidential Debate was a disaster for Joe Biden, and a debate focus group led by pollster Frank Luntz agrees.

Biden stuttered and mumbled all throughout the evening with a weak voice and shaking hands.

Luntz held a live focus group with undecided voters during the debate.

After the debate, Luntz wrote: “Twelve out of 14 say they are now leaning Trump. One chose Biden and one didn’t move. This is an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats.”

Luntz joined CNBC’s Squawk Box and shared, “In my entire professional career,  I’ve done 32 debates, never has someone performed…and I was very upset with Donald Trump in 2020; I’ve never seen a performance like I saw last night.”

“My focus group all came in undecided from swing states.  Twelve of the fourteen swung to Donald Trump.  Only one to Joe Biden.”

“We’ve never had that before. We are truly in unchartered territory.”

“What blew me away the most was that Joe Biden voters in 2020 don’t want him on the ticket in 2024.”


Luntz shared several realtime clips of the focus group on X.

Luntz shared, “After the first commercial break, I asked my focus group of undecided voters how many of them are more convinced to vote for Joe Biden.”

“Zero raised their hands.”

“Half of them say they voted for Biden in 2020.”

“After the second commercial break, I asked my focus group of undecided voters how many are more convinced to vote for Donald Trump.”

“10 of 14 raised their hands… Even if they didn’t like Donald Trump.”

“One said: ‘I don’t even know if Biden can make it to November!’”

For months, Luntz has warned Democrats of potential elector disaster facing them.

In May, Luntz told CNN that up to a third of male Black voters could end up with Trump in the Fall.

“But specifically, with black voters, it’s not all black voters.  It’s younger Black voters and particularly younger Black men.  I discovered this when I got off a plane at JKF when two baggage handlers come over to me and to tell me I don’t get it.”


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