Poll Finds 68 Percent Majority of Independents Want Biden to Drop Out After Disastrous Debate

A post-debate poll has found that a massive 68 percent majority of independent voters want Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race.

Just 32 percent of independents told the Daily Mail/JL Partners snap poll that they want him to remain in the race.

According to the Daily Mail, “30 percent of people who voted for Biden in 2020 concluded that Trump won the debate.”

“And the poll found that even among Biden 2020 voters some 41 percent said it was time to find a new nominee,” the report added.

James Johnson, Co-Founder of J.L. Partners, said of the results, “Voters are not surprised by Biden’s performance: We know from other DailyMail.com polling that people expected him to perform poorly and think he is old and incompetent.”

“But this was his chance to right that perception and instead he confirmed it—and then some,” Johnson added. “Where this goes now is anyone’s guess, but looking at these numbers it looks like Joe Biden cannot beat Donald Trump among independents.”

Johnson concluded, “If you can’t win the voters in the middle, you can’t win the White House.”

There was also an eight-point swing after the debate.

“Some 40 percent said they planned to vote for Trump and 28 percent for Biden before the debate. Those numbers shifted to 44 percent opting for Trump and 24 percent for Biden after the debate, an eight-point swing,” the report explained.

Many Democrats, including the New York Times editorial board, have called for Biden to exit the race after the debate.

Biden has maintained that he does not intend to drop out and will be at the next debate in September.


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