Pennsylvania Woman Becomes First Ever to Receive Vaccine for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

A woman in North Hills, Pennsylvania, has become the first-ever to receive a vaccine for early-stage breast cancer.

The woman received the vaccine at the UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Maria Kitay, the patient who received the vaccine, shared, “It is a personal decision, and we really need to make sure more women survive breast cancer.”

The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC researchers developed the new breast cancer vaccine.

CBS reported the vaccine will given in three doses.

Dr. Olivera Finn, the immunologist who invented the vaccine, shared, “We look forward to many more women signing up for this trial; this is a very innovative way to approach a breast cancer diagnosis, especially a pre-cancer diagnosis.”

Per CBS News:

A woman from the North Hills became the first person ever to receive a newly developed vaccine for early-stage breast cancer.

The milestone moment was held at UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital on Thursday.

Researchers hope this will prevent the progression of the disease.

The vaccine, given in three doses, was developed over decades of research by the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center immunologist Dr. Olivera Finn.

A clinical trial is now underway to evaluate how well the immune systems of women newly diagnosed with the earliest form of breast cancer respond to the vaccine.


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