Paris’ Socialist Mayor Postpones Plunge in Seine River as Residents Threaten to Sh*t in Water With Trending Hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin (I Sh*t in The Seine on 23 June)

The Socialist Paris Mayor was planning to swim in France’s Seine River on Sunday ahead of the 2024 Olympics next month to prove that the water is safe for competitors to swim in.

However, as The Gateway Pundit reported early this morning, Parisians organized a poop protest against the 2024 Summer Olympic clean-up costs and the French President and Paris Mayor.

PARIS POOP PROTEST: French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to Swim in Seine River Today, Parisians Poop in River to Protest City Spending Over $1 Billion to Make River Swimable (VIDEO)

The protest comes as the President and Mayor both pledged to swim in the water to demonstrate the success of their clean-up initiative.

"The French government has spent nearly $1.5 billion already trying to clean the river enough to make it swimmable, even as wet weather has complicated efforts," reports CBS.

All that sh*t must have gotten to Mayor Anne Hidalgo's head as she reportedly postponed until after the French elections early next month. Perhaps she is hoping she will lose and can pass along the responsibility.

Sky News reports,

Today was supposed to be the date Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo would swim in the Seine to prove the water was clean enough for Olympicathletes - but she delayed the dip until after the French elections in July.

President Emmanuel Macron has also promised to swim in the Seine before the Games, but has not said when.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. Pic: AP
Image:Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has said she would swim in the Seine before the Olympics. Pic: AP

A website has been set up with the slogan: "They have plunged us into shit, it's their turn to plunge into our shit."

The anonymous programmer behind the website told news outlet Actu Paris why people are angry.

More below via @Zozomccormack on TikTok:

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