Outgoing Dutch PM Mark Rutte To Be the New NATO Secretary General, After Hungary and Slovakia Pledge Their Support

As we had anticipated back in February, the outgoing Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte is about to be anointed as the next NATO Secretary General, after the Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg.

Rutte is yet another failed Globalist leader, a staunch ally of Kiev and a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Stoltenberg commented on the Dutch media NOS report.

Reuters reported:

“‘With the announcement of (Hungarian) Prime Minister (Viktor) Orbán, I think it’s obvious that we are very close to a conclusion to select the next secretary-general, and I think that’s good news’, he told reporters, while praising Rutte.

‘I think Mark is a very strong candidate. He has a lot of experience as prime minister. He’s a close friend and colleague, and I therefore strongly believe that very soon, the alliance will have decided on my successor’, he said. ‘And that will be good for all of us, for NATO and also for me’.”

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Rutte is expected to sustain the level of support for Ukraine in the war, while not going overboard and leading to a full escalation with Russia.

“In the two years since Russia launched its full-scale invasion, Rutte has been one of the driving forces behind Europe’s military support to Ukraine, stressing time and again what he said was the absolute need for a Russian battlefield defeat to secure peace in Europe.”

Rutte’s Netherlands met the defense spending threshold of above 2% of GDP that is required of NATO members.

It provided F-16 fighter jets, artillery, drones and ammunition to Kiev.

The breakthrough for Rutte came when Hungary and Slovakia pledged support to his candidacy.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán took to X, and wrote:

“Following the recent European elections, where Hungarians voted in huge numbers in favour of #peace, we reached an important agreement with #NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg.

We agreed that no Hungarian personnel will take part in the activities of NATO in Ukraine and no Hungarian funds will be used to support them.    Our next step this week was to ensure that this agreement can stand the test of time. After yesterday’s meeting in Brussels, PM Mark Rutte confirmed that he fully supports this deal and will continue to do so, should he become the next Secretary General of NATO. In light of his pledge, Hungary is ready to support PM Rutte’s bid for NATO Secretary-General.”

Estonian PM Kallas was also running for the job.

“By giving the top job to Rutte, the alliance will pass the opportunity to see a woman, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, take the helm of NATO for the first time – something several members had lobbied for.

Kallas, a candidate mainly touted by eastern European countries, was seen as too hawkish towards Russia by some western member states.”

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