(OP-ED) President Trump Was Right: The True RINO Versus MAGA Threat is the Enemy from Within

Dr. Jeff Gunter (left) interviews with TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson (right)

OP-ED by Nevada US Senate Candidate Dr. Jeff Gunter, MD:

As a former U.S. Ambassador for President Trump, I have witnessed more corruption than most people can imagine. President Trump was right when he said that the true threat to the Republican Party is the enemy from within. 

During my tenure as ambassador, China was unleashing bioweapons, and I was criticized for fighting back. I was unanimously confirmed to my position and I have donated millions and volunteered countless hours to serve Republican leadership. I even contributed to Senate election chief Steve Daines, and he had no problem accepting my money. 

For 17 years, I have sat on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. I have treated cancer patients, saving the lives of children, veterans, family, and friends. I know exactly what it’s like to fight outside enemies. But what this race has taught me is that the enemy fighting from within is more dangerous than any adversary.

I declared my candidacy in July of 2023, poised to start strong. Then, I received a call from my general consultant informing me that they received a threat from the NRSC, threatening to pull over $20 million of business from the group if they continued to support me. Consequently, they abandoned me. A similar call came from my friends at the RJC, who received similar threats. We lost vendors, donors, and belief in the system.

But we fought on and gained ground. The harder we fought, the more corruption we encountered. Republicans, heavily led by the NRSC RINO Swamp, spent more time and money fighting me than fighting Democrats. They insulted my patients and even suggested I needed professional help. They called me a crackpot and a weirdo.

I’ve always said that President Trump is the Deep State’s worst enemy. They know this, and so they work tirelessly to keep him down. And just like President Trump, I won’t be fazed by these efforts.

The level of corruption and betrayal I have seen from within the party is staggering. It’s not just about money or power; it’s about a complete disregard for the principles and values that we, as Republicans, are supposed to stand for. The NRSC and other party elites have shown that they are more interested in maintaining their control and influence than in supporting candidates who genuinely want to make a difference. They support a candidate who stole money from the people of Nevada to pay off his own debts through a “Scam” PAC. A ghost candidate who refuses to debate and is down 14 points in general election polls. 

I have often wondered if this resistance is driven by antisemitism, as the NRSC hasn’t supported a Jewish candidate in decades, or if it’s simply because my record shows that I won’t be intimidated. They see my strength, my resilience, and my dedication to fighting for what is right, and they feel threatened. But Nevada, take note: I will never stop fighting.

When I become the next United States Senator from this great Silver State, the corruption ends on day one. I will work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of the people are heard and that the true values of our party are upheld.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to say enough is enough. We must hold our leaders accountable and demand that they put the interests of the people above their own. We must root out the corruption and ensure that our party is one that we can all be proud of.

I will continue to stand strong, to fight for what is right, and to represent the people of Nevada with honor and integrity. Together, we can bring about the change that we so desperately need. Together, we can restore the Republican Party to its true greatness. Thank you for your support, and God bless America.

Dr. Jeffrey Gunter, MD, is an American healthcare executive, philanthropist, diplomat, and former U.S. Ambassador serving as the 24th United States Ambassador to Iceland. He is currently a candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada.


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