Nonpartisan Election Validity Group Files Landmark Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

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Nonpartisan Election Validity Group Files Landmark Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Guest post by Jack Gleason

United Sovereign Americans, Inc., a nonpartisan, all-volunteer election validity advocate group, and two Pennsylvania residents, have filed a Writ of Mandamus, directed to the following Pennsylvania officials and organizations – Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Bureau of Elections, the Bureau of Election Security and Technology, the Department of State, and the state Attorney General.

They have also named Attorney General Merrick Garland and the United States Department of Justice as additional “Respondents.”

They are claiming that the officials named above are not performing their duty to follow existing laws that safeguard our elections.

“A writ of mandamus is a judicial remedy in the English and American common law system consisting of a court order that commands a government official or entity to perform an act it is legally required to perform as part of its official duties, or to refrain from performing an act the law forbids it from doing. Writs of mandamus are usually used in situations where a government official has failed to act as legally required or has taken a legally prohibited action.”

The Petitioners assert, “The Congress of the United States has outlined the minimum standards which must be maintained by every state in order for a federal election to be considered reliable. As outlined below, in Pennsylvania’s 2022 federal election those minimum standards were not met by commonwealth election officials rendering the certified election results that year unreliable. Respondents in their official capacities engaged in insufficient efforts to ensure that the 2022 performance is not repeated in subsequent federal elections beginning in 2024.”

These standards include…

only properly registered voters cast votes

only votes properly cast are counted correctly

all voting systems are compliant with all critical infrastructure requirements and every ballot is correctly and uniformly processed, as well as accurately tabulated and secured

the authenticity of every ballot counted is proven by the maintenance of a comprehensive, unbroken chain of custody from the voter’s hand to the final certified result, and the Commonwealth election officials maintain records of said chain of custody post-election

and certification of future elections is understood to be an official act under penalty of perjury.

“The certification by Pennsylvania officials of the 2022 election was done despite the integrity of the election being suspect on account of apparent error rates occurring in that election that exceeded the error rate Congress permits before federal election results cannot be relied upon as accurate, and the Commonwealth did nothing to investigate those apparent errors before certifying the election.”

They cite “the fact that Pennsylvania’s voter registration rolls, contained hundreds of thousands of potential errors at the time of the 2022 General Election… in the form of illegal duplicate registrations, voters with invalid or illogical voter history, voters placed in inactive statuses on questionable authority, backdated registrations, registrations with a modified date prior to registration, invalid or illogical registration dates, age discrepant registrants, and registrants with questionable addresses.”

They conclude, “Such errors jeopardize the validity of elections throughout the Commonwealth, bring doubt as to the accuracy and integrity of the Commonwealth’s currently-in-place voting systems, undermine Pennsylvanian’s collective voting rights, all in violation of existing state and federal election laws.”

These issues have been brought to the attention of the Respondents, “who have done absolutely nothing to address these errors ensuring future elections will suffer from the same deficiencies.”

Individual Petitioners include Diane Houser. In 2022, she discovered that her vote was not recorded in Pennsylvania’s Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (“SURE”) system, even though she had voted in person. She reported numerous issues to authorities and was ignored numerous times.

Dean Dreibelbis observed and reported numerous election issues, apparent errors, loopholes, and discrepancies to authorities and was, each time, ignored.

Although not involved in this action, the Petitioners cite data from Audit The Vote PA, a non-partisan, non-profit organization organized in Pennsylvania. Although not a named petitioner, they also uncovered overwhelming evidence of registration problems in the 2020 and 2022 elections. For the 2022 election they found…

54,463 people voted in a county in which they were no longer living; and 8,177 people voted despite not actually living in Pennsylvania;

6,356 people were credited as submitting a mail-in ballot, but did not have any votes credited in Pennsylvania’s SURE system;

69,832 mail ballots were sent to an address unaffiliated with the voter’s registration;

18,589 people requested multiple ballots be sent to multiple addresses, with some people requesting additional ballots to be sent to up to four (4) separate addresses; and

5,492 registrations show as having two votes on record in two separate counties.

They cite Help America Votes Act (“HAVA”), the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, “Marbury v. Madison,” the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”), and existing Pennsylvania election laws.

The Petitioners are not accusing anyone of election fraud or aiming to overturn any election. Instead, they wish to counter future election irregularities and ensure the rights of Pennsylvania citizens.

United Sovereign Americans peer-reviewed data teams analyzed Pennsylvania’s voter registration data from the 2022 general election and found “hundreds of thousands of voter registration apparent errors in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These apparent errors were not uniform across Pennsylvania – some counties had far more registration apparent errors than others.”

Out of 8,755,458 voter registrations, there was a total of 3,192,069 voter registration violations including:

20,097 illegal duplicates, where the same voter has multiple registrations

43,083 illegal or invalid vote history

28,256 backdated registrations

268,493 registrations where the period of active registration conflicts with the registration participation

448,335 invalid or illogical registration dates

633,508 illegal or invalid registration changes

154,913 registrants with questionable address

1,580,750 registrations with records altered after certification

They found 1,198,598 evident voting violations, and 1,089,750 unique votes impacted by apparent voting violations, including…

8,026 illegal duplicates, where the same voter has multiple registrations.

340,266 invalid or illogical registration dates

632,215 illegal or invalid registration changes

59,609 registrants with questionable addresses

138,291 registrants with altered votes after certification

Bruce Castor Jr., the lawyer who took up the case on behalf of United Sovereign Americans, has had a long career in Pennsylvania and has represented clients from Bill Cosby to Rudy Giuliani. He is a former Montgomery County district attorney and county commissioner who briefly served as acting Pennsylvania attorney general in 2016. Perhaps most notably, Castor defended Donald Trump in 2021 during the former president’s second impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate.

Castor said, “Congress set minimum standards for every federal election to be considered reliable… In Pennsylvania’s 2022 federal election those minimum standards were not met by Commonwealth election officials rendering the certified election results that year unreliable. Respondents have engaged in insufficient efforts to ensure that the unreliable 2022 performance is not repeated in subsequent federal elections beginning in 2024.”

The United Sovereign Americans mission is “to guard the validity of elections through education and litigation.” They have representatives in over twenty states analyzing voter databases and preparing legal actions. They recently joined a lawsuit in the state of Maryland, which is working its way through the courts.

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