Nitazene is the New Fentanyl in China’s Silent War on America

War and conflict can take many forms.  It’s not necessarily dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighters pummeling Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor. That’s visual, tangible, and an undeniable manifestation of intent, but the struggle for dominance between nations can take many forms.

The Wuhan virus was not the Pearl Harbor moment for America.

The Pearl Harbor moment for America in China’s unrestricted warfare to erase the U.S. was one word: Fentanyl.

In a war by any means, first articulated in the ‘90s, the CCP put their Prussian “General Staff” on a war footing, under the aegis of “Unrestricted Warfare”—U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Rob Spalding used the term “Stealth War” for his book to give a key moniker or title for these proceedings.

The bloodbath in America from Fentanyl is staggering, but because there are no bombs or missiles landing on American territory, many just step over the bodies in Kensington or Mission Street and go on with their lives not making the connection.  But now there is a new and more powerful insecticide:  Nitazene

Nitazene will take the synthetic opioid slaughter to new heights

Fentanyl has been killing well north of 100,000 Americans a year for several years.  Until recently, the national security culture until recently gave the Fentanyl campaign again a big “ho-hum.”

This death toll is on top of the CCP-perpetrated bio exposure from Wuhan in 2020 (not saying the original release was intentional, but once it happened, they exploited it aggressively to share the contamination with the world).

Nitazene is far more powerful than Fentanyl according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.  This new poison has been around for a while in obscurity – but perhaps because of the focus on Fentanyl, Nitazene has been pulled off the shelf and inserted with devastating effects.  Simply put, it is 20 times more powerful than Fentanyl and cheaper.  More bang for the Chinese Yuan.

The game is on.  Pearl Harbor for America happened several years ago, and no one noticed. The CCP exploited our open society and antiquated mail system to deliver death into our homeland but now do it en masse across the open southern border. Our national security apparatus stood by and failed to take action.

Time to raze the intelligence community and start over—far too much time has been spent by the culture of junior (and senior) operatives running the hallways of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and other places focused on palace intrigue and plotting against the return of Trump, rather than facing the real threat.

 China can now feign success in shutting down Fentanyl by pivoting to Nitazene

 As the slaughter from Fentanyl and now Nitazene has grown, the Biden Administration has been milquetoast on the subject.  President Xi has been subject to aggressive lecturing from Tony Blinken, the American Secretary of State.  It is hard to watch the insincere and feckless “X” posting of the Secretary of State vacationeering in Shanghai and doing an “impromptu” posting about Fentanyl.

China has brought diplomatic thespianism to new levels in pretending to not know anything about the precursors for Fentanyl/Nitizene coming 100% from China.

The response of the Chinese Government is careful, contrived, and plays semantic word games to mislead, with one press release stating: “It is disappointing that for all the goodwill and sincerity of the Chinese side, for all its strenuous efforts and huge sacrifices, as well as the great achievements of China-US cooperation in drug control, some American politicians and media are still hyping up such disinformation as “American fentanyl mainly origins from China”, “Chinese fentanyl precursors flow into the United States via Mexico”. They even claim that China often delays the requests from the US side. These assertions are highly irresponsible and utterly false. Up to now, China has not found any scheduled precursor chemicals trafficked to Mexico”

By producing the end state form of Fentanyl and now Nitazene from precursors brought into Mexico, the Chinese Embassy Press Officer can say with a straight face that no Fentanyl from China is going to America.

They would be correct – technically the Fentanyl and Nitazene is coming from Mexico.  But China looking for “precursor chemicals” is like Pakistan looking for Bin Laden.

The Department of Justice has indicted eight Chinese Companies and 12 Chinese Citizens for synthetic Opioid production, this is good – but not strong enough in context considering the scale of American casualties.

Candidate and Former President Trump has made it clear – the Cartels and their Chinese Handlers in Mexico are fair game, which has sent the elites into a panic.  With the body count stacking up higher than several American wars combined, they instead want to work with China to manage the issue.

“Legal Cannabis” and Bio Labs within the U.S. enable production and money laundering.

The Chinese are evolving further to avoid possible visits by American Special Operators in Mexico.  In Reedleyville, California, there was a dangerous bio-lab discovered, run by illegal Chinese Nationals.

Not too far away is Lemoore Naval Air Station, where all the West Coast Navy Fighter-Attack Squadrons are located.  It would be a short drive to drop off contaminated items in a bio attack at any restaurant catering to the Navy fliers and their families.

The Chinese special operators have frequented to and muscled in on “legal” Cannabis operations and casinos.  Any high cash operation with unbankable cash due to Federal rules on Cannabis and easily laundered gambling proceeds, are wonderful opportunities for skimming the proceeds to pay the latest street agitators.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Transgender, and now Palestinian protestors are paid and bussed on que – a professional outrage industry.  If you are upset about the state of America – don’t use drugs, frequent casinos, or hang around “legal” Cannabis operations.  You are funding the tip of the spear to kill Americans on a large scale in an efficient manner.

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