Newsmax Runs Disclaimer About 2020 Election Results During Trump Interview (VIDEO)

Newsmax ran a disclaimer in their chyron about the 2020 election results being “legal and final” during an interview with former President Donald Trump.

As Trump spoke, a caption appeared on the screen saying, “Please Note: Newsmax Accepts the 2020 Election Results as Legal and Final.”

During the interview, host Corey Lewandowski asked Trump about his plans regarding the Middle East.

“What do we do with Hezbollah, Sir?” Lewandowski asked. “What’s the plan? And I know you don’t wanna give away all the strategy, but I’m sure you’ve got an idea of the way you would handle that.”

“Well, it’s Hamas, it’s Hezbollah, it’s 28 different cells of terror, they call them,” Trump replied.

Trump continued, “And once we get it going and once we’re in power – and we have to be because we’re not gonna have a country. If we don’t win this election, November 5th, if we don’t win this election, we won’t have a country left, Corey. We’re not gonna have a country and you know that better than anybody.”

At this point, despite Trump not mentioning anything about the election being stolen, the chyron appeared on the screen.

“We’re laughed at,” Trump continued. “They think we’re fools. They can’t believe that Biden is the president. And we’re gonna turn that around. We’re gonna it around very fast.”

Trump did not mention the 2020 election results at any point during the rest of the interview.

Newsmax has been sued by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic for defamation after they aired claims that the election was stolen.



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