New Deals Now At The Gateway Pundit Discounts Page At MyPillow – Including the $25 Extravaganza!

Mike Lindell and the patriots at MyPillow have been targeted by Leftists in Big Tech and the Media — and big companies canceled their contracts.

But they didn’t cave in — instead, MyPillow partnered with us to offer what you need — without a middle man.

Now, Gateway Pundit’s discount page at has been updated with new deals – including the $25 Extravaganza!

When you go there and put “TGP” in the promo code box, you’ll get lots of discounts plus, Gateway Pundit will benefit.

Here are some of the latest deals at (click on the image to see them all):

The special discounts page for Gateway Pundit readers has deals on beach towels, white slide sandals and more!

There are twenty-four special deals for you to save.

Click here to see them all:

Look for this box at checkout:

Put TGP in that box and hit “APPLY” to get huge discounts and help support Gateway Pundit.

To see all the discounts in one place, click here.

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