“My Death Will Be on Your Hands” – J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Enters 4th Day of Hunger Strike – Has Lost Several Pounds – Releases List of Demands

January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang enters his 4th day of a hunger strike.

January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang entered the fourth day of his hunger strike on Thursday. Jake has reportedly lost several pounds already. The patriotic American who has been held for over three years without trial in inhumane conditions and in violent facilities says he will continue his food strike until his demands are met.

Here is the latest update from Jake’s family and friends.



In response to this threat, Jake has ripped down his shower curtain and formed it into a water-sack where he is storing about a gallon of water to drink from! Jake responded “if you cut my water off, my death will be on your hands! God is watching!”

Jake has reported to his legal team, he is refusing to back down to their threats and will continue his hunger strike until congress meets the demands.

In spite of this horrific torture, we are glad to report, Jake is feeling and full of Gods vitality. He has a Bible, so “he has meat they know not of.” John 4:32

We will continue to update you on Jakes deteriorating condition and please continue to pray for Jake and the Jan6ers on this hunger strike!!

and read them the J6ers list of demands!!

1. A New January 6 Select Committee be formed that is a legitimate fact finding Committee & not a propaganda machine for the Left.

January 6 Prisoners be called to testify about their mistreatment & two tiered justice hey have received in Court.

1.FBI Whistleblowers, Capitol Police officers like Chief Steve Sund & Lt. Tarik Johnson & other Federal assets who were in the crowd be called to testify about the true nature of the January 6 Set Up

2. A Congressional Committee to be formed investigating the vast Overcharging of the J6 defendants by corrupt Federal Prosecutors & the Oversentencing of the J6ers by the corrupt Federal Judges

Those Judges & Prosecutors found in violation of administering Two Tiered Justice be immediately impeached & disbarred.

3. All 40,000+ hours of J6 Footage to be released unredacted to the American Public by Speaker Johnson immediately.

4. Financial compensation & restitution to be awarded to all of the J6 family members that have suffered wrongfully & had their lives destroyed by the Governments persecution on innocent patriots.

5. Congress would pass a new budget where – The FBI, The DoJ, the US Marshals, the DC Jail Gulag, & the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), US Attorneys Office budgets be absolutely REDLINED until they RELEASE THE JANUARY 6 POLITICAL PRISONERS!!!

House of Representatives: 202-224-3121

US Senate:

#J6HungerStrike #NeverSurrender

This is a prerecorded message from Jake Lang.

Please pray for Jake Lang and the other J6 prisoners.

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