MORE: Temp. Election Worker in Maricopa County Arrested for Stealing Security Fob and Keys From Tabulation Center Was Registered Democrat Who Filed Papers to Run for Senate, Previously Charged With a Crime (VIDEO)

Maricopa County 2022 general election tabulation machine failure locations (L); Walter Ringfield Jr. (R)

New concerning details have emerged about the theft of a key fob at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC), worrying some that Arizona election officials are plotting another stolen election starting again with the Primary.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, on Thursday morning, a temporary election worker, Walter Ringfield Jr., allegedly stole a security fob and keys from MCTEC.

Temp. Worker for Maricopa County Elections Arrested for Stealing “Security Fob and Keys” From MCTEC Tabulation Center

The man was reportedly previously charged with stealing $1,000 cash from a grocery store. Prosecution reportedly suspended the case after the suspect entered a diversion program, possibly indicating a plea deal was accepted. How he passed the background check required to work in the election department is unclear.

Election workers are now in the process of reprogramming the tabulators and reconducting Logic and Accuracy Testing, which was a source of controversy after the 2022 election when tabulators were programmed to intentionally fail on election day.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on video footage of reprogrammed machines jamming as employees tested them before the 2022 General Election, just like they did on Election Day. Still, the County claims this testing was not done in secret despite no public warning, oversight, or media presence. They also claim that it was not “testing.”

Per AZ Central:

Walter Ringfield, a 27-year-old Phoenix resident who isn’t currently registered as a member of a political party in Arizona, took the fob on the evening of June 20 from the facility, officials said. In a statement, officials said the fob was recovered and they will reprogram and retest election equipment to “ensure the integrity” of the upcoming state primary.

"The security fobs are used in conjunction with special secure tablets during the election," Maricopa County Sheriff's Office detectives said in court documents. "A director at the facility stated that the estimated cost of the reprogramming would be greater than $19,000 dollars, and the secure operation of the facility is greatly impeded until the reprogramming is complete."

Election officials said on June 24 that Ringfield was hired on June 3 as a temporary ballot tabulation center operator. A background check was required and came back without any criminal convictions, according to an Elections Department spokesperson.

But court documents show Ringfield was previously charged with pocketing more than $1,000 in cash from Fry's Food And Drug last year. The case never went to a conviction. Instead, Ringfield entered a diversion program and prosecution was suspended.

Ringfield is apparently not currently registered with a political party. However, as they did not report, last year, he reportedly filed a statement of interest to run for U.S. Senate in 2024 as a Democrat. That's a strange coincidence.

Conservative Arizona talk show host Garret Lewis questions whether this is a "dry run to steal the election" on the upcoming July 30 election day when Republicans are expected to turn out for Trump-Endorsed Senate candidate Kari Lake. It can be recalled that Kari Lake nearly lost the 2022 primary to Doug Ducey-endorsed RINO Karrin Taylor Robson--despite leading by double digits in the polls--due to mass voter disenfranchisement and potential fraud across the state on election day.

In Pinal County's 2022 primary, they ran out of Republican ballots at polling locations and turned voters away from the polls. Prior to this, Pinal sent 63,000 erroneous ballots to voters leading up to the August 2nd Primary Election. Conveniently, however, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb says he has seen no evidence that elections are not trustworthy in Arizona and Pinal County. Lake is the clear frontrunner and currently leads Lamb in the 2024 Primary by more than 30 points.

Additionally, printers were not working in Maricopa County, and Pima County poll workers were illegally trained to give Republican ballots to Democratic voters and to illegally electioneer in the 2022 primary for governor.

Later, the general election was rigged and stolen with intentional tabulator failures in the state's largest county.

It appears they're gearing up for more election-day debacles targeting Republican voters who prefer to vote in person and put the ballot in a tabulator themself.

According to Lewis, the key fob that was stolen allows users to see "who is getting the most votes, and it doesn't show in this fob who is actually in the room." He continues, "There's no track record— nothing about who's actually in there."

Via Garret Lewis:

Watch below:

Lewis: Maricopa County, they had a worker who was arrested for stealing a key fob to get into the room with all the tabulators. It's kind of a big deal, isn't it? And the media is trying to hide this saying well, he's not registered with any political party. It turns out that dude was signed up, did the paperwork to run for Senate here in Arizona as a Democrat last year, last year.

And on top of that, this guy has a background. Oh yeah, he got busted stealing $1,000 in cash from a Fry's grocery store. Yet, he still got the job in Maricopa County to work. And he somehow got a key fob for the tabulation center. And that's a big deal too, the key fob. Oh, yes. Apparently a lot of these workers just have random key fobs where they can get into the room with all the tabulators. They can see who is getting the most votes, and it doesn't show in this fob who is actually in the room. It just opens the door. There's no track record— nothing about who's actually in there. And yet, the balding RINO Stephen Richer says, not a problem, the system worked great, all good. We got the guy, all good.

A guy that was a registered Democrat that ran for Senate got busted stealing a key fob to get into the tabulation center. Looks to me like a dry run to steal the election when it comes up on the primary election day. Who votes on election day? Republicans.

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