MMA Fighter Proposes to Girlfriend After Losing Fight — Gets Brutally Rejected (VIDEO)

A mixed martial artist in the Czech Republic proposed to his girlfriend in the ring after losing his fight — and got brutally rejected.

Lukas Bukovaz got down on one knee immediately following his massive loss and got shot down in front of the 20,000-person crowd.

The fight had been two-on-one, with Bukovaz and his teammate Patrik Horvath taking turns fighting the winner. Despite the handicap, they both lost their successive fights.

As soon as he asked, the woman put her hand over her face in embarrassment.

“Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,” the woman said into the microphone. “I don’t think so.”

The crowd erupted in boos.

Bukovaz’s coaches appeared to try to throw water at her as she spoke.

The woman alleged that the fighter had been unfaithful, but Bukovaz maintained it isn’t true.



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