Michigan Non-Profit Is Reportedly Sending Out Voter Registration Mailings With Image of Michelle Obama

A Michigan non-profit is reportedly sending voter registration mailings containing a picture of Michelle Obama on the front.

In a post on X, Leading Report wrote, “BREAKING: A non-profit organization in Michigan is reportedly sending out voter registration mailings with Michelle Obama on the cover.”

The Voter Participation Center sent the forms according to the return address listed on the mailings.

The About section of The Voter Participation Center’s site describes the organization as “a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2003 to help members of the New American Majority register and vote. Since then, the organization has helped more than 6 million people register and cast ballots.”


Per Influence Watch:

The Voter Participation Center is a left-of-center voter registration nonprofit that was founded in 2003 as Women’s Voices Women Vote, changing its name in 2011 and expanding its mission to become the Voter Participation Center. The group initially focused on registering the strongly Democratic-leaning voting bloc of single women to vote; today, the group organizes registration of numerous Democratic-leaning voting populations.

The Voter Participation Center runs a direct-mail program that targets “unmarried women, minorities and millennials” with voter registration mailings and phone calls.

Since 2004, the Voter Participation Center claims to have “signed up 2.7 million voters.” However, the group’s efforts have been criticized for being imprecise, misleading, ineffective, and potentially illegal. Moreover, the group’s ties to the Clinton family and the liberal agitation group MoveOn.org have drawn questions about the group’s purported non-partisanship.

Some users on X falsely claimed the ballots stemmed from the state of Michigan, but several users on X clarified the Voter Participation Center sent out the ballots.


X user, Bad Kitty Unleashed, has more information on this, writing, “Michelle Obama runs a, “non partisan”, get out the vote org. Where they bribe democrats with a party at the polls with free food, and leftist stars. Then they line them up for a field trip to the polls.”


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