MEDIA FAIL: Leftist MSNBC Contributor’s Claim that a ‘Feeble’ Trump Was Guided Off Stage During Rally Blows Up in His Face After Footage Emerges Exposing the Truth (VIDEO)

Credit: @NoLieWithBTC

The Gateway Pundit has extensively reported on unedited videos showcasing Joe Biden’s worsening dementia, including multiple notable ones in just the last few days.

The media and the Biden regime have responded by proclaiming such footage as “fake videos” doctored by conservative outlets. In the words of George Orwell, they are asking you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.

Now, some are also trying to suggest that President Trump, not Biden, is actually the one with mental problems. Brian Tyler Cohen, an MSNBC “News” contributor and podcast host of an ironically named show called “No Lie,” decided to gaslight America by sharing a photo yesterday that he claims shows Trump being escorted off the stage.

The incident supposedly occurred during a Trump rally in Hialeah, Florida, in November 2023.

“Here is a photo of Trump having to hold someone’s hand to guide him off stage,” Cohen wrote. “I’m sure this will get just as much coverage as the daily “BiDeN oLd” story gets.”

But then a video emerged showing what actually happened. It turns out Trump was shaking hands with his eldest son, Don Jr., before exiting the stage without assistance.


Cohen ended up getting dunked on so severely that even liberal CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski joined in.

If this is the best left-wingers can do to smear Trump as physically and mentally unable to handle another term as President, Americans have nothing to worry about. Biden, of course, is a far different story.


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