Macron To Send Zelensky French Fourth Generation Mirage Fighter Jets That Ukraine Once Dismissed as Obsolete

While French President Emmanuel Macron’s constant warmongering is causing waves in the news cycles and generating considerable escalation, in itself it represents initiatives unlikely to have a meaningful effect on the battlefield.

Take, for instance, his intention to train a Ukrainian brigade of 4 thousand men in Ukraine. It will be welcome by Kiev, but he is putting French lives in the line for a result that does not move the needle.

The same goes for the fighter jets: France will now transfer an unknown number of Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets to Kiev – and will train Ukrainian pilots for that.

Great, right? Yes, but the mainstream media will not tell you, but these are the very same planes that Ukraine was dismissing – as lately as March 2024 – as aging and obsolete fourth generation aircraft.

But now, apparently the Mirage are back in line for combat.

Macron announced yesterday (6) that France will provide Ukraine with Mirage combat aircraft ‘to help the country’s defense against Russia’s aggression’.

Macron’s announcement came as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky joined world leaders in the 80th Anniversary of D-Day celebration.

Associated Press reported:

“Macron told the French public broadcaster he will announce Friday a new cooperation with Ukraine and the sale of French-made combat aircraft, the Mirage 2005, which will ‘allow Ukraine to protect its soil, its airspace’ against Russian attacks.

France will also start training Ukrainian pilots, Macron said as he reiterated that Ukraine should be allowed to use weapons provided by its Western allies to target Russian military targets and ‘neutralize the points from which (the country) is being attacked’.”

Any aircraft will be welcome in Kiev – that goes without saying – as Ukraine tries to hold Russian Federations forces all along the 600-mile long frontline.

As the arrival of promised F-16 Jets takes longer and longer, NATO allies are allowing Ukraine to use their supplied weapons to carry out limited attacks inside Russia.

Earlier, in late March, former Ukrainian Defense Ministry Oleksi Reznikov stated that the French Mirage 2000 fighters were an order of magnitude worse than fifth generation Russian Su-35s fighter jets, and Kyiv did not need them, preferring to focus on the elusive F-16s.

Slavyangrad on Telegram:

“Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a MiG-29 fighter, which can ‘see” with a radar at 60 km, hit air targets – at 30 km. The enemy on the Su-35 ‘sees’ more than 200 km, can hit air targets at a distance of more than 140. ‘The Mirage 2000 has the same performance as the MiG-29. We will be happy to have any air platforms, but the main combat aircraft should be more modern’.”

But now, under new Defense Minister Rustam Umerov, the French fourth-generation, multi-role, supersonic single-engine fighters Mirage 2000 are back in play.

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