The Look on Obama’s Face Says it All: Biden Incoherently Babbles About “Joe Jobs” as Obama Stares (VIDEO)

The look on Obama’s face said it all.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama appeared on stage together for a fundraiser in Los Angeles, California Saturday evening.

Biden reportedly raised $28 million from California Hollywood elitists in Los Angeles.

Out-of-touch Hollywood actors and singers like George Clooney, Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts helped Biden raise money Saturday night at the Peacock Theater.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Biden babbled incoherently about the unemployment rate and lack of jobs under his watch.

“You know, my, my, my son says, you ought to have a, uh, you know, we all have, uh, various short-term descriptions for your jobs, for what you’re accomplished. You should say, ‘Joe jobs,'” Joe Biden said as Obama watched in horror.

Joe Biden is cooked. Even Barack Obama knows it.


After the fundraiser wrapped up, Obama had to grab Joe Biden’s hand to lead him off stage.

Biden was frozen.

Barack Obama treated Biden like a nursing home patient and walked him off stage.


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