Leo Hohmann: U.S. Birth Rate Hits New Record Low But Media Refuses to Address Core Reasons

This article originally appeared on Leo Hohmann’s Substack and was republished with permission.

The latest federal data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the fertility rate among U.S. women plummeted to just 1.6 births per woman in 2023.

This is the lowest recorded birth rate since the U.S. government began keeping such statistics in the 1930s. But why? We’ll break it down.

The drop-off in fertility rates for white women fell some 3% from the previous year and stands even lower than the national average. The fertility rate is an estimate of the number of babies a woman would normally have in her lifetime. A rate of 2.1 births per woman is needed for a generation to replace itself. We are not even close to that. And all of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Russia are in similar free fall. India, the African nations and a few countries in the Middle East are pretty much the only ones experiencing growing populations.

While this catastrophic demographic trend has been in motion for decades in the U.S., the explanations for the fall in reproduction by the corporate media have mostly skirted the crucial factors driving the birth dearth.

In its coverage of the story, The Wall Street Journal’s Jennifer Calfas and Anthony DeBarros cited such factors as “women establishing fulfilling careers,” and that they have more access to contraception.

The most fertile child-bearing group – young women – are putting off motherhood because they are uncertain about the future and are “spending more of their income on homeownership, student debt and child care,” according to The Journal.

Even as Americans fail to replace themselves, the U.S. government has opened up its borders and invited illegal aliens from more than 100 nations to replace dead and dying Americans in the work force.

An article posted by The Burning Platform notes that the reasons The Journal and other commentators give to explain the decline in birth rates are the consequences of what took place in America and the Western world decades ago. Leftists had always wanted to break down and corrupt the traditional family.

According to the article: “A splintered and dysfunctional family structure would be less likely to act as bulwark against the leftist agenda of more government interventions into the private affairs of its citizens.”

One of the ways to accomplish this, the article states, was to get women out of the household and into the work force, as working and career women would have fewer opportunities to have children.

The feminist movement was more than just the attainment of “equal rights” for women. Its main objective was to lead women out of the home and away from their traditional roles as mothers and homemakers. The record drop in birth rates is evidence of how well this plan has worked.

And, as a result, look how much more empowered the government has become over the everyday lives of Americans.

I also would not dismiss the impact that toxic mRNA injections have had on fertility. There have been a few studies that suggest these jabs have had a negative effect on the reproductive organs of both men and women, but more work needs to be done in this area. One thing you can count for certain, you won’t find any government funding or Gates or Rockefeller funding of such studies. They are all on board the the eugenics program to wipe out billions of people and get the global population down to 1 or 2 billion, from the current 8 billion.

WHO expert James Roguski says that one of the major objectives of the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty and amended International Health Regulations is to fund Big Pharma’s vaccine gravy train with the tax dollars of citizens of wealthy countries. This will pay for new vaccine factories in poor countries, which had a much lower uptake of the Covid shots than we saw in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Now they need to even the score and inject more poor people living in Third World countries.

Henry Kissinger called for a depopulation of the Third World as far back as 1974 in The Kissinger Report.

Dennis Meadows, co-author of the Club of Rome-published book Limits to Growth, also let the cat out of the bag about the globalist elites’ plan for depopulation. Don’t forget the interview in which Meadows said, “I hope the depopulation will occur in a civil and peaceful way.”

This also explains the globalists’ anti-human climate agenda and the demonic thirst for World War III. It’s all part of the same overarching strategy to eliminate 70 percent or more of the world population.

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