Leftist Cenk Uygur Pre-Debate: “Why Did We Pick Such a Feeble, Old, Ridiculously Stale Candidate?”… Cenk Uygur Post-Debate: “This Thing Is Over – It’s a Guaranteed Loss!” (VIDEO)

Cenk Uygur suffers a meltdown following Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performannce.

Top leftists knew before the CNN debate that Joe Biden was not a viable candidate.

Democrats are running a feeble old man suffering severe dementia, with the worst foreign policy in history and policies at home that are obviously in place to destroy the United States as a super power. This is just more proof of the utter disguest Democrats have for the American people.

Cenk Uygur said the silent part out loud on Thursday before the presidential debate.

Democrats were very worried before the debate.  They all knew Old Joe was being doped up for his public performance.

Cenk Uygur: “But here we are, rooting for the Biden team to load him up with drugs so he could not pass out during the debate. Why? Why did we pick such a feeble, old, ridiculously stale candidate that no one is interested in? It’s madness.”

That was Cenk Uygur before the debate.

After the debate Cenk Uygur suffered a complete meltdown.

Cenk Uygur: The whole time, the split screen is killing Biden because he’s got his mouth open, he looks confused, doesn’t know where he is. He’s lost his train of thought at least twice in like, disastrous shape. Those are going to be played a billion times in viral video after viral video.

This is an epic disaster. I see people online saying, Well, okay, that answer wasn’t so bad. No, it doesn’t. Any particular answer doesn’t matter at all. This thing is over. He looks like he’s barely surviving. I don’t mean the debate. I mean life.

And so there’s no person that has a single brain cell left in their head who thinks that Joe Biden is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump. You would have to be even crazier than Donald Trump to think that. This thing is over, over. I’ll guarantee you this. I would bet any…

Show me a Democratic politician, and I will bet them any amount of money that Joe Biden is going to lose this election if he’s the candidate. It’s a guaranteed loss. You’re telling me this is the most important election of our lifetimes. You’re telling me that democracy is on the line, and you’re going to put on a guy who can’t even talk who can’t even sit there and look normal.

Democrats knew this going into the debate.

Again, it shows how much disgust they have for the American people. They just don’t care.

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