King Charles Continues Trying To Evict His Brother Prince Andrew From 30-Room Royal Lodge – The Disgraced Duke of York Has No Money To Maintain the Property

Who would guess that the hardest part of being the King of Britain is dealing with your own family members?

Charles III waited 70 years to ascend to the throne. And when he did, he has had to deal nonstop with problems created by his own brother and his younger son.

When it comes to disgraced Prince Andrew, who has been forced to quit his Royal duties over his long association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the main problem is that he continues refusing to leave the Royal Lodge, where he has lived for 20 years, for his new – and much smaller – home in Frogmore Cottage.

King Charles is reportedly threatening to sever ties with the  duke of York unless he agrees to move out, a friend of the King has claimed.

Andrew presently shares the 30-room, £30million mansion with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Daily Mail reported:

“The King has long been trying to get his brother – who has no apparent source of income – to leave the Windsor mansion amid rumors the Prince of Wales is keen to take up residence in the property to reflect his role as heir to the throne.”

The King is said to be willing to pay for his brother to live comfortably out of his ‘private’ funds from the Duchy of Lancaster, but the level of funding ‘needs to be appropriate.’

“A friend of the King told The Times: ‘Unfortunately, if Andrew refuses to leave within a reasonable time frame, then the King may be forced to reassess the whole package of support he provides and the duke would be required to fund the lion’s share of his security, accommodation and lifestyle costs all on his own – which, given the sums involved, is highly unlikely to be possible in the long term’.”

The King has continually attempted to evict Andrew from Royal Lodge, and now claims have emerged saying that Andrew can’t meet the £400,000-a-year upkeep of Royal Lodge.

“He was granted ‘a stay of execution’, it was reported in October, after he did a deal with the King to carry out the repair works on the 19th century, Grade II-listed property.”

Pictures appear to show that the mansion may be falling in disrepair.

The Frogmore Cottage – previously the house of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Harry and Meghan – is said to be in good condition.

Andrew has signed a 75-year lease on the Royal Lodge, paying only £250 a week, but also agreeing to maintain the vast property.

“Part of the terms of this alleged deal with his older brother was that he would carry out repair works on the 19th century, Grade II-listed house, but these do not appear to have been done yet.

It was reported that Andrew, who was forced to quit royal duties over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, may have his royal allowance of £249,000 cut, making it difficult for the Duke to fulfill his promises.”

People close to Andrew say he ‘is going nowhere, because he has a cast iron lease.’

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