Kenyan Parliament Erupts in Flames, At Least 8 Shot Dead by Police During Protests Against $2.7 Billion Tax Hike

Image: Video screenshot/KTN TV

After hundreds of protestors attempted to storm Kenya’s parliament over opposition to a $2.7 billion tax hike, at least eight people have been shot dead by police, and the parliament is in flames.

According to Reuters, police opened fire on demonstrators after they broke through police barricades on Tuesday and stormed the country’s parliament complex.

Inside the building, politicians passed legislation to raise taxes by $2.7 billion.

In addition to those killed, reports suggest at least 50 additional people have been wounded.

Protestors who breached the barricades also set portions of the parliament ablaze.

Protestors set portions of the parliament on fire. Image: Video screenshot

Kenyan media outlet KTN TV said it has been threatened with a black-out by the government if it continues to cover the protests but vows they “shall not be cowed by any threats.”


You can watch KTN News coverage below: