Jurors Leave Courthouse After Day One of Deliberations in Hunter Biden Gun Trial – Deliberations to Resume Tuesday

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

The jury in Hunter Biden’s criminal gun trial began deliberations Monday afternoon after the defense rested.

Hunter Biden declined to testify at his felony gun trial.

In September Hunter Biden was indicted on federal gun charges. He was indicted in a Delaware court on three counts related to his possession of a firearm while using drugs.

Hunter is facing up to 25 years in prison and $750,000 in fines.

Jurors went home Monday evening after day one of deliberating. Jury deliberations will resume on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

The Associated Press reported:

Jurors have begun deliberating on the gun charges against Hunter Biden.
President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is accused of lying about his drug use on a federally required form when he bought a gun in 2018.

During closing arguments, prosecutors told jurors that there was “overwhelming” evidence against Hunter Biden and that he chose to lie and violate the law.

But Biden’s defense attorney Abbe Lowell said prosecutors lacked firm evidence for much of their case, and said they treated the case like a magic trick, using circumstantial evidence in an effort to direct the jury’s focus away from the whole picture.

A jury comprising six men and six women had been chosen to oversee the case to decide the fate of Hunter Biden. Among the 12 panelists and four alternates, nine are African-American, and all four alternates are women.

Prosecutors destroyed Hunter Biden in their opening statement on day one of the federal criminal gun trial.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your name is,” prosecutor Derek Hines said on Tuesday. “No one is above the law.”

Prosecutors on Tuesday told the court that Hunter Biden bought the firearm while he was smoking crack every 15 minutes.

Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden’s dead brother’s wife-turned-girlfriend, testified at Hunter’s criminal federal gun trial last week and said Hunter smoked ping-pong ball-sized crack rocks.

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