JOURNALISM DIES IN WOKENESS: Washington Post Executive Editor Stepping Down – CEO Tells Staff ‘People Are Not Reading Your Stuff’

The troubles at the liberal Washington Post are nothing new. The paper has lost millions over the last year and has even considered replacing journalists with AI bots.

Now things are getting even worse. Sally Buzbee, the executive editor is stepping down and the paper’s CEO recently held a meeting with the staff to inform them that people are not reading the content they are producing.

It is an election year and there is no shortage of news, but the Washington Post is flailing. What does that tell you?

FOX News reported:

WaPo boss sounds alarm over dwindling audience in heated staff meeting: ‘People are not reading your stuff’

Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis had a blunt message for his staff during a tense meeting following the sudden ouster of executive editor Sally Buzbee, according to the paper’s own reporting.

“We are going to turn this thing around, but let’s not sugarcoat it. It needs turning around,” Lewis told the paper. “We are losing large amounts of money. Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff. Right. I can’t sugarcoat it anymore.”

Lewis informed his staff Sunday night that Buzbee, who joined the Post in 2021, was parting ways with the paper “effective immediately.” He announced her temporary replacement would be former Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Matt Murray, who is expected to hold the position through the 2024 election cycle, and that the paper was being restructured into “three newsrooms,” in hopes of turning things around for the beleaguered “Democracy Dies in Darkness” publication.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Buzbee was uncomfortable with an offer to run a different division of the paper. She also reportedly had urged Lewis to hold off on implementing such changes until after the election, which Lewis refused.

During the meeting, some of the staffers reportedly tried to make the issue all about race and gender.

These staffers don’t seem to realize that their objections here are part of the problem.

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