Joe Scarborough and Mika Make Fools of Themselves Parroting White House Line About ‘Fake’ Footage of Feeble Biden (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe have become two of the biggest (and pathetic) media cheerleaders for Biden in recent months.

This week, they adopted the laughable White House messaging about images and videos of feeble Joe Biden being ‘cheap fakes’ and not representative of Biden’s actual physical and mental state.

They are actually telling Americans to ignore their eyes and ears and believe the ridiculous suggestion that Biden is just fine.

Transcript via NewsBusters:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The White House is slamming cheapfake videos spread by right-wing media which are edited to make President Biden look confused. We’ll go through the fight against clips with no context, and some edited and misleading…

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know, the age issue for both of these candidates, that’s a real issue.

MIKA: Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: So talk about the issue. You want to talk about it? I think everybody thinks both of these candidates are older than they’re comfortable with, both of them.

That said, make those issues, don’t make up others.

MIKA: Well, and also, I think when those on the right try to make it look like Biden is out of his mind, or the Wall Street Journal does a front-page piece saying Biden is completely slipping, and they don’t notice at the very same time that they’re covering Biden in this way that is misleading, Donald Trump is onstage talking about sharks and batteries, and really looks like he’s slipping….

SCARBOROUGH: Jonathan, Jonathan’s right. You have to start asking are these coming on high? When you have the same news organization doing what Jonathan just said, deliberately lying about a shot, cropping it in the way they know they’re lying to the readers.

Here’s the video:

Joe Biden has said that Morning Joe is one of his favorite shows on cable news. Joe and Mika know this and it animates everything they say on the air.

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